Contact Information
Office of the Director of Finance
1401 JFK Boulevard
Municipal Services Building
Room 1330
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Executive Office
Rob Dubow
Director of Finance
(215) 686-6141

Joe Oswald
Director of Accounting
(215) 686-6171

Office of Administrative Review
Paula Weiss
Executive Director
(215) 686-5220

Budget & Program Evaluation
Anna Adams
Budget Director
(215) 686-6146

Risk Management
Barry Scott
Risk Manager
(215) 683-1710

Bureau of Administrative Adjudication
Jerry Connors
BAA Director
(215) 683-9580

Contracting Unit
T. David Williams
Deputy Director of Finance
(215) 686-3499

Administrative Services Center
Deborah Beatrice
(215) 686-6145

Recovery Office
Maari Porter
Recovery Officer
(215) 686-6131

Office of Property Data
Saskia Thompson
Executive Director
(215) 686-2148

Contact Information for Other Related Departments:

Board of Pensions
Francis X. Bielli
Executive Director
(215) 496-7400

Office of Property Assessment
Richie McKeithen
Chief Assessment Officer

Office of the City Treasurer
Rasheia Johnson
City Treasurer
(215) 686-2303

Department of Revenue
Frank Breslin
Revenue Commissioner
(215) 686-6400