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Town Watch Integrated Services (TWIS) is dedicated to assisting residents with their quality of life issues through community policing and participation.
The mission of partnership building and providing technical services facilitates building the capacity of community stakeholders which empowers them to participate in the process of creating a desirable quality of life. The primary goal of all our activities is to create safe and supportive environments.


Philadelphia Operation Town Watch came into existence July 1, 1996, under the leadership of Anthony Murphy. He and two staff persons began the process of training and certifying the 300 plus existing town watch groups in the City of Philadelphia . Today, there are over 720 certified Town Watch groups serving over 20,000 trained members.

The recruiting and training of Town Watch groups is combined with empowerment efforts and support to create what is called Town Watch Integrated Services (TWIS).


Working together to make positive neighborhood change is the crux of our mission. Town Watch groups have historically built partnerships with district police to be their "Eyes and Ears", assisting in crime prevention and reporting.

Community engagement and support have been added to bridge the gap between crime prevention and community accountability. Through the facilitation of discussion and planning about the entire range of community issues, trained staff is deployed into neighborhoods based on need, to identify and work with the local leaders. Organized blocks are the basis for healthy neighborhoods. People talking to each other, working together, and caring for each other is the only way things get done.

The overall responsibility of Town Watch groups is to Observe, Document, and Report . Community Support staff assist in the Identifying, Prioritizing, and Implementation of community objectives and the development of action plans to facilitate change.

TWIS is the only certifying agent for the City of Philadelphia for Town Watch and Safe Corridor groups

School Support

Mobile Support Team (MST) . MST's are intervention specialists assigned to address issues in the Philadelphia Public, Parochial, and Charter schools. TWIS also works with the school district to provide Safe Corridor and Parent Safety Net training and assist with school safety.


  • Community Support
  • Town Watch


Philadelphia Operation Town Watch offers programs that demonstrate our commitment to the youth of our communities. Both Junior Town Watch and the Safe Corridor Programs offer assistance to town watch groups on how to impact on the lives of the young people of our city.

District Trainers / Recruiters