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Philacan Pilot Program

Providing residents another way to store their household trash.


Many residents don’t have space to store household trash between weekly trash pickups. These are typically households without outside storage, driveways, or garbage disposals. The Philacan program offers a solution.

Philacan gives residents extra capacity by providing City-owned cans they can store in front of their homes.

The program also helps to:

  • Reduce debris and litter.
  • Keep rodents away.
  • Make our neighborhoods clean and safe.


Municipal Services Building
1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 730
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Trash can features

Philacan trash bins are sturdy units for household trash only — no recyclables. Their features include:

  • 35-gallon capacity
  • Wheels for ease of movement
  • Lids to prevent litter and rodents
  • Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology for tracking lost cans

Program participants can use the trash cans for free. However, the cans remain City property.

Program rules

Before you can get a Philacan, 75% of households on your block will need to approve your block's participation. Households can agree that their blocks should participate, even if they don't want to request their own Philacan.

Once you have a Philacan, you must:

  • Set the can out on your regular trash day.
  • Keep the can clean of markings and graffiti.
  • Secure the can to your property, if possible. The Department of Streets will not replace lost, stolen, or damaged cans.
  • Use trash bags.
  • Make sure trash doesn't spill out of the can.
  • Follow all trash rules and regulations.
  • Only use City-issued trash cans to store trash in front of your property.
  • Call (215) 686-5462 to let Streets know if:
    • Your can is missing.
    • You are moving. Each can is assigned to a specific address, so you won't be able to take the can with you.

You may be removed from the program if you violate the rules or regulations.

Request to participate

Do you want your block to participate in the Philacan pilot program? Let us know.

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