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City of Philadelphia

How to Apply


Applications must be either undergraduates who would have completed their sophomore year by the start of the program or graduate-level students. MIP may cooperate with programs under which students earn academic credit or quality for work study (when that work study is fully subsidized by the college or university). Please contact MIP staff for more information as to whether your program qualifies.

The Applicant Summary Form is to be completed online using the “Apply Now” link on this page.  Attachments can be added later by resubmitting your application using the same email address.  

The application consists of the following items: 

    • A completed Applicant Summary Form
    • A Resume
    • A Letter of Recommendation:  Recommendations should be completed by individuals who can speak to an applicant’s academic or work/volunteer experience. Recommendations from a friend or family member will not be accepted. A 750 word essay that responds to the following questions:
      • Why do you want to participate in the Mayor’s Internship Program?
      • Where are you most interested in working in City government and why? If you know specific departments, please provide those in your response.
      • What skills or qualities will you bring as a Mayor’s Intern?
    • Completion of a survey used to collect summary information about your education and experiences.

Upon receipt of your application materials, the Human Resources & Talent Unit will contact you to describe the remaining selection process. Selected applicants will participate in an interview process with City departments on or around February 19-March 12, 2018. Out-of-town applicants may request interviews via telephone.