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Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities

The Commission

The Mayor's Commission on People with Disabilities (MCPD)

The Mayor’s Commission on People with Disabilities conducts systemic advocacy on behalf of Philadelphians with disabilities within City government and the citywide disability community. The Commission’s advocacy efforts include:

  • Fighting to ensure that people with disabilities are employed in integrated workplaces and receive fair, market-based wages.
  • Advocating for affordable, accessible housing.
  • Ensuring that children with disabilities are educated alongside their non-disabled peers and receive the necessary skills to enter the workforce and/or higher education.
  • Making sure that Philadelphians with disabilities are included in all facets of the community.

MCPD members

Julia Blackwell
Lauren DeBruicker
Liam Dougherty
Kevin Mundey
John Orr
Anna Perng
Omark Rodriguez
Zuleika Santana
Sharon Shecter-Cohen
Paula Smith-Benson
Cecelia Thompson