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City of Philadelphia

Executive Orders



Mayor James Kenney
2016 - Present

1-16: Office of the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Amendment to EO 1-16

2-16: Office of the Chief Integrity Officer

Amendment to EO 2-16

3-16: Office of Planning and Development and Associated Offices, Board and Commissions

4-16: Office of the Chief Administrative Officer and the Supervision of, and Coordination Among, the City’s Departments, Boards and Commissions

5-16: Policy Regarding US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency Detainer Requests

6-16: Recognizing, Endorsing and Authorizing Cooperation and Coordination with the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee

7-16: Citywide Policy on Language Access and the Office of Immigrant Affairs

8-16: Implementation of Decriminalization of Disorderly Conduct and Related Offenses

9-16: Commission on Adult Education

10-16: Acceptance of Gifts by City Officers and Employees

11-16: Office of Complete Streets and Vision Zero Task Force

12-16:Regulation of Outside Employment and Self-Employment of City Officers and Employees

13-16: Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet

1-17 - Pre-K Advisory Board

2-17: Police Advisory Commission

3-17: Role and Responsibilities of Departmental OEO Officers

4-17: HIPAA Compliance Directive

Revised HIPAA Compliance Directive

5-17: Processing of Civilian Complaints Alleging Police Misconduct

6-17: The Plumbing Advisory Board

7-17: Mayor's Office on People with Disabilities Mayor's Commission on People with Disabilities

8-17: Mayor’s Taskforce on Eviction Prevention and Response

9-17: Whistleblower Protections

1-18: Child Welfare Oversight Board

2-18: Sexual Harassment Prevention in City Government

3-18: Opioid Emergency Response

1-19: PhillyCounts! 2020 Census Complete Count Committee

2-19: The SmartCityPHL Initiative

3-19: Authorizing the Creation and Support of City Resource Groups

Mayor Michael Nutter
2008 - 2015

1-08: Relating to Declaration of a Crime Emergency (2008)

2-08: Relating to the Office of Chief Integrity Officer (2008)

3-08: Relating to the Supervision of and Coordination Among the City Departments, Boards and Commissions (2008)

3-08: Relating to the Supervision of, and Coordination Among, the City’s Departments, Boards and Commissions (Amended September 25, 2014)

4-08: Community Oversight Board (2008)

5-08: Mayor's Advisory Commission on Construction Industry Diversity (2008)

6-08: Electrical Code Advisory Board and Plumbing Advisory Board (2008)

7-08: Public Safety and the Philadelphia Prisons Strategic Plan (2008)

8-08: The Division of Technology and the Technology Board (2008)

9-08: Access to City Programs and Activities for Individuals with Limited English Proficiency (2008)

10-08: The Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy and the Mayor's Cultural Advisory Council (2008)

11-08: City of Philadelphia Capital Program Office Dissolution (2008)

12-08: Mayor's Advisory Task Force on Ethics and Campaign Finance Reform (2008)

13-08: The Office of LGBT Affairs and the Mayor's Advisory Board on LGBT Affairs (2008)

14-08: Establishment of an Economic Opportunity Cabinet and Office of Economic Opportunity (2008)

15-08: Solid Waste and Recycling Advisory Committee (2008)

1-09: Commission on Asian American Affairs (2009)

2-09: Drug and Alcohol Policy (includes attachment) (2009)

3-09: Mayor's Task Force on Tax Policy and Economic Competitiveness (Includes Amendment) (2009)

4-09: Designating the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance as the Philadelphia Local Arts Agency Authorized to Subgrant Nea Recovery Program Funds (2009)

5-09: Establishment of a Complete Street Policy (2009)

6-09: Division of Technology, Technology Board and Chief Technology Officer (2009)

7-09: Authorizing the Mayor's Office of Faith Based Initiatives to Apply for and Receive a Strengthening Communities Fund Grant from The Federal Department of Health and Human Services (2009)

8-09: Policy Concerning Access of Immigrants to City Services (2009)

1-10: Designations Required for Issuance and Expenditure of Recovery Zone Bonds and Proceeds (2010)

2-10: The Mayor's Office of Re-Integration Services for Ex-Offenders (R.I.S.E.) (2010)

2-10: The Mayor's Office of Re-Integration Services for Ex-Offenders (R.I.S.E.) (2010) amendment 1

3-10: Tax Clearance Requirements for Board Members (2010)

4-10: Mayor's Commission on Literacy (2010)

5-10: Relating to the Participation of Minority, Woman and Disabled Owned Businesses in City Contracts (2010)

6-10: City Purchase of Electric Supply (2010)

7-10: Consolidating the Functions of the Child Welfare Advisory Board into the Community Oversight Board (2010)

10-11: Hospitality Advisory Board (2011)

1-11: Prohibition Against Nepotism (2011)

2-11: Regulation of Outside Employment (2011)

3-11: Prohibition on Gifts (2011)

4-11: Prohibition of Sexual Harassment (2011)

5-11: City Recreation Centers and Playgrounds Smoke Free (2011)

6-11: Procedure to Track Investigative Detentions (2011)

7-11: Processing Complaints of Police Misconduct (2011)

8-11: Facilities Management (2011)

9-11: Temporary Curfew (2011)

9-11: Temporary Curfew (2011) amendment 1

9-11: Temporary Curfew (2011) amendment 2

9-11: Temporary Curfew (2011) amendment 3

9-11: Temporary Curfew (2011) amendment 4

9-11: Temporary Curfew (2011) amendment 5

9-11: Temporary Curfew (2011) amendment 6

11-11: Worksite Lactation Support (2011)

12-11: Innovation and Technology (2011)

13-11: Mayor's Commission on African American Males (2011)

14-11: Dilworth Award Selection Panel (2011)

15-11: Project Labor Agreements (2011)

1-12: Open Data and Government Transparency (2012)

2-12: Mayor's Office of Grants (2012)

3-12: Antidiscrimination Policy Relating to the Participation of Minority, Woman and Disabled Businesses in City Contracts (amended)

4-12: Procurement of Goods and Services (2012)

5-12: Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics (2012)

6-12: Food Access Collaborative (2012)

1-13: Mayor's Manufacturing Task Force (2013)

2-13: Mayor's Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity (2013)

3-13: Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs (2013)

4-13: Emergency Declaration Regarding Demolition Approvals (2013)

5-13: Mayor's Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service (2013)

6-13: The Special Independent Advisory Commission to Review and Evaluate the Department of Licenses and Inspection (2013)

1-14: Policy Regarding U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency Detainer Requests

2-14: All Parks and Recreation Centers made smoke free

3-14: Policy Regarding Minimum Wage and Benefits to be Provided by City Contractors and Subcontractors (Amended June 11, 2014)

04-14: Establishing Nutrition Standards for Food and Beverages Purchased, Prepared, or Services by City Agencies

5-14: Mayor’s Task Force on Paid Sick Leave

06-14: Implementation of and Support Services for Decriminalization of Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana

7-14: Office of the Inspector General and Related Duties of Departments, Agencies, City Officers and Employees, and Those Involved in Transactions with the City

8-14: Adoption of Percent for Art Program Policies and Guidelines

9-14: Mayor’s Commission on People with Disabilities.

10-14: Philadelphia Bicycling Advocacy Board

11-14: Financial Disclosure Filing in the Executive Branch

1-15: Police Department Oversight Board

2-15 Office of Property Data

3-15 Guidelines for Police Officers in Making Certain Warrantless Arrests.

4-15: The Office of Emergency Management

5-15: Background Checks for City Employment (as amended December 31, 2015)

6-15: Adopting Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards

7-15: Policy Regarding US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency Detainer and Notification Requests In Instances of Terrorism or Violence

8-15: Public Works Project Labor Agreement

Mayor Street
2000 - 2007

02-04: Prohibited Gifts, Gratuities and Favors

01-01: Reward for Citizen Information on Crimes

02-05: Relating to the Participating of Minority, Women and Disabled Business in City Contracts (OEO) (Amended 9/04/06)

01-02: Special Benefits for City Employees Called to Active Duty

01-03: MBEC – Minority Business Enterprise Council (Background)

1-04: Board of Ethics

01-05: Background Investigations

01-06: Housing Trust Fund (Amendment)

01-07: Climate Protection, Environmental Stewardship and the Office of Sustainability and Environment

02-01: Mayor’s Task Force on Automobile Insurance

02-02: Mayor’s Task Force on Automobile Insurance

02-03: The Office of Consumer Affairs

02-06: Implementing The National Incident Management System

02-07: Inclusionary Housing Working Group

03-01: Mayor’s Task Force on Police Discipline

03-03: The Office of Behavioral Health and Mental Retardation Services (2003-10-23)

03-05: Housing Trust Fund

03-05a: Commission on African and Caribbean Immigrant Affairs

03-06: Education Advisory Task Force

03-07: Community Oversight Board

04-01: Access to Federally Funded City Programs and Activities for Individuals with Limited English Proficiency

04-06: Central Delaware Advisory Group

05-06: Child Welfare Review Panel and The Department of Human Services

01-00: Community Reinvestment Report

Rescission of EO 01-98 (3/21/04)

Mayor Rendell
1992 - 1999

10-92: Mayor’s Housing Partnership Council

10-93: Amend 3 Children and Families Cabinet/w 2/98 Amendments no3

10-93: Children and Families Cabinet

11-92: Mayor’s Commission on Puerto Rican and Latino Affairs

11-93: Mayor’s Office of Information Services

12-92: Rescission of Executive Order 5-91 (Oversight Committee for the Center City Plan)

12-93: Prohibition of Smoking in all City Owned and Occupied Space

13-92: Oversight Committee for the Center City Plan

13-93: Recycled Product Procurement Policy

14-92: Boycott of Travel to Colorado due to Sexual Orientation Laws

14-93: Mayor’s Management and Productivity Council

15-92: Rescission of Executive Order No. 9-88 (Acceptance by City Employees of Gifts) (Ethics)

16-92: Acceptance of Gifts by City Employees

01-92: Vehicle Parking Prohibited on the Aprons of City Hall

01-93: Minority Business Enterprise Council

01-94 Amend: Voluntary Contribution Program (as amended)

01-95: Firearms at Work

01-96: Telecommunications Policy Advisory Commission

01-97: Police Corruption T.F.

01-98: Billboards and Other Advertising Signs

01-99: Productivity Bank

02-92: Establishment of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission and Office

02-93: Records Advisory Board

02-94: Role and Responsibilities of the Integrity Office

02-95: Neighborhood Benefit Strategy

02-96: Domestic Partnerships

02-97: Information – Technology Security Policy

02-99: Mayor’s Task Force on Automobile Insurance

03-92: Vendor Advisory Board

03-93: Safety and Risk Management

03-94: Hospitality Cabinet

03-95: Environmental Cabinet

03-96: Capital Program Office

04-92: Sterile Syringe Exchange Program

04-93: Mayor’s Commission on Homelessness

04-94: Office of the Inspector General

04-95: Office of Administrative Review

04-96: Child Welfare Advisory Board

05-92: Mayor’s Commission on Native American Affairs

05-93: Office of Fleet Management

05-95: Public Works Project Labor Agreement

05-96: Recycling Policy for Municipal Building and Employees

06-92: Uniform Records Management Policy

06-93: Special Events Policy

06-96: Office of Labor Relations

07-92: Establish Personnel Policies during Work Stoppage

07-93: Mayor’s Commission on Gambling

08-92: Housing Cabinet

08-93 Amend 1: Mayor’s Police Advisory Commission

08-93 Amend 3: Mayor’s Police Advisory Commission

09-92: Establishment of Parking Adjudication Advisory Panel

09-93: Citizen’s Complaints Against Police

Mayor Goode
1984 - 1992

1-84: Establishing the Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission and Office (1984)

2-84: Abolishing the Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission (1984)

3-84: Establishing the Philadelphia Corps (1984)

4-84: Establishing Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods (1984)

5-84: Establishing Mayor’s Commission on Sexual Minorities (1984)

6-84: Philadelphia Police Department (1984)

7-84: Abolition/Mayor's Commission on Literacy (1984)

8-84: Mayor's Commission on Literacy (1984)

9-84: Debt Activities (1984)

10-84: Establishing the Office of Performance Assessment (Insp. Gen.) (1984)

11-84: Financial Interest Statement (1984)

12-84: Grant Accounting and Administration Moved to the Office of the Director of Finance (1984)

13-84: Administrative Board Approval Expenditures (1984)

14-84: Training of Newly Appointed Supervisors and Managers (1984)

15-84: Establishing the Mayor's Office of Community Services Advisory Committee (1984)

1-85: Establishing the Mayor's Office of Communications (1985)

2-85: Establishing the Mayor's Action Center, and the Mayor's Office of Consumer Services (1985)

3-85: Establishing the Mayor's Commission on Neighborhoods (1985)

4-85: Compel the Attendance of Witnesses and the Production of Documents/Osage Avenue (1985)

5-85: Establishing the Phila. Special Investigation Commission (1985)

6-85: Philadelphia Computing Corporation Review of all Purchases and Contracts for Data Processing Services (1985)

7-85: Mayor's Vendor Advisory and Development Board (1985)

8-85: Establishing Mayor's Task Force on Self-Sufficiency (1985)

1-86: Mandatory use of Seat Belts in City Vehicles (1986)

2-86: Establishing Mayor's Commission on People with Disabilities (1986)

3-86: Creation of Executive Management Group (1986)

4-86: Prohibiting Discrimination on the Basis of Aids in Employment and Services (1986)

5-86: Creation/Management Advisory Services Team (1986)

6-86: Establishment of the Office of Arts and Culture (1986)

7-86A: Interim Civil Service Regulations/Strike (1986)

7-86B: Management Advisory Services Team (1986)

8-86: Establishing Philadelphia Computing Center (1986)

9-86: Abolition of Executive Order 6-85 (1986)

10-86: Anti-Graffiti, M.O.C.S., Mayor's Comm. on Literacy, and Mayor's Commission on Services to the Aging, Report to the Finance Director (1986)

11-86: Expenditure Reduction – Appointments (1986)

12-86: Sick Leave Policy (1986)

1-87: Discrimination (1987)

2-87: Revise the Estimate of Financial Requirements for each Department in order to avoid Deficits (1987)

1-88: Establishment of the Office of Transportation (1988)

2-88: Establishment of the Office of Labor Relation (1988)

3-88: Establishment of the Office of Utility and RE (1988)

4-88: Smoking (1988)

5-88: Establish Office of the Prisons (1988)

6-88: Establish Office for Services to Homeless and Adults (1988)

Amendment No 2 to Executive Order No 6-88 - Name Change of Office of Emergency Shelter and Services or Office of Supportive Housing to Office of Homeless Services

7-88: Transfer EMS from Health to Fire (1988)

8-88: Creation Economic Development Council (1988)

9-88: Integrity in Government (1988)

10-88A: Mayor's Commission on Fort Mifflin (1988)

10-88B: Affirmative Action Office (1988)

1-89: Policy on Data Processing Security (1989)

2-89: Establishing Office of Inspector General/Amendment to Executive Order No. 10-84 (1989)

3-89: Five Year Fiscal Strategy (1989)

4-89: Parking Adjudication Advisory Panel (1989)

5-89: Class 200 Spending Plan (1989)

6-89: Establishment of Transit Improvement Committee Transit First Policy (1989)

7-89: Alcoholic Beverages at Veterans Stadium (1989)

1-90: Financial Disclosure Filings (1990)

2-90: Philadelphia Computing Center to Report to Mayor's Special Counsel for Policy and Legislative Affairs (1990)

3-90: Reduction of Projected Operating Deficits

4-90: New Opportunities Council (1990)

5-90: Mayor's Capital Program Office (1990)

6-90: MBEC (1990)

7-90: Establishment of Mayor's Commission on Asian American Affairs (1990)

8-90: Reduction in Size and Use of City of Philadelphia Sedan Fleet (1990)

1-91: City of Philadelphia Public Art Program Procedural Guidelines (1991)

2-91: Use of Term "Asian/Pacific Americans" (1991)

3-91: Operation of District Health Centers (1991)

4-91: Establishment of Citizen Health Advisory Committee (1991)

5-91: Establishment of the Mayor's Center City Plan Oversight Committee (1991)

6-91: Smoking Policy (1991)

7-91: Commission on African-American Males (1991)

8-91: Guide to Philadelphia's Program Requirements and Procedures (1991)

Mayor Green
1980 - 1984

Mayor Rizzo
1972 - 1980

Mayor Tate
1962 - 1972

Mayor Dilworth
1956 - 1962

Mayor Clark
1952 - 1956

01-52 Assignment of Functions Under New Charter

02-52 Activation of the Central Motor Pool

03-52 Activation of the Department of Public Works

04-52 Assignment of Functions under New Charter

05-52 Assignment of License Issuance Functions

06-52 Assignment of Functions Under New Charter - Janitorial and Messenger Services

07-52 Assignment of Functions Under New Charter - Maintenance of Roads and Drives in Fairmount Park

08-52 Assignment of Function under new charter - Enforcement of Load Limits of Motor Vehicle Code

09-52 Assignment of Functions Under New Charter - Recreation Department

10-52 Assignment of Function under New Charter - Advertising Bond Sales

11-52 Assignement of Function Under New Charter - Recreation Department

12-52 Soliciting Funds

13-52 Assignment of License Issuance Functions

14-52 Assignment of License Issuance Functions

15-52 Assignment of Function Commission of Human Relations

16-52 Transfer of Residual Functions of 1919 Charter Departments

17-52 Assignment of License Issuance Functions

19-52 Assignment of Functions under New Charter - Recorder of Deeds to Records Commissioner, Coroner to Health Commissioner, Board of County Prison Inspector to Board of Trustees, Phila. Prisons, Dept. Of Public Welfare and City Treasurer to City Finan