Updates as of February 13, 2020

PWD is completing their initial phase of work. They will be turning the project over to PGW on Monday, February 17. Please see action items below:

  • PWD is completing lateral work on two (2) properties on the 1400 block of S. 8th Street.
  • The concrete jersey barriers on 8th Street were relocated to Reed Street, just south of the digital messaging board that is on site.
  • Orange barriers were picked up from Sewer Maintenance and placed on 8th Street, just north of Dickinson. They were not filled with water and can be easily moved.
  • District crew has placed concrete jersey barrier on Wilder Street just east of 9th Street. This was requested to prevent through-traffic from turning off of 9th Street and coming down Wilder Street, only to have to back out.


  • PGW has an updated informational webpage (https://www.pgworks.com/pipelineimprovementnotice) with the crew working locations for February 17th.
  • PGW Public Affairs staff will also be on site February 17 at the corner of 8th & Dickinson Streets from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. to answer questions and respond to any requests.
  • The letter handed out to residents last week is also posted on the page in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Vector Control

  • Inspected inlets – the inlets were either fine or had excess debris and dirt in them.
  • The only inlets which need to be treated are the N.W. corner @ Wilder St. with an ajar door, and on the S.E. corner @ Dickinson St., which had a non-secured door.
  • Baited 1440 S. 8th St. at the front curb.


  • L&I has completed their lateral work.
  • All but one (1) Port-A-Potties have been removed.