Update as of Monday, February 3, 2020

On Friday, January 30th, 2020, the Streets Department met with concerned residents on location. Residents expressed concerns with the way the dirt was tamped and backfilled. They also expressed concerns about voids and cracks on 800 Wilder Street. Streets brought in three (3) trucks to backfill a number of ditches and explained the process to help ease the minds of the attending residents. Streets Department evaluated the cracks and assured the residents that they will repair the cracks. Per Streets, the cracks appear to be pre-existing and do not appear to be expanding. They will monitor for expansion.

Jersey barriers have been placed on 8th Street. Barriers will be placed on Wilder Street as soon as PWD’s plumbers have completed their repairs. There has been a request for Sanitation to mechanically clean the street once PWD’s contractors have completed their work.

A “Road Closed Ahead” sign has been placed at 8th Street & Washington Avenue.

SEPTA is reiterating the proper detours to its drivers.

Conversations have been had with PPD and PPA. The Captain of the 3rd Police District has agreed to ensure that patrols are monitoring and ticketing vehicles that are parked on the corners and sidewalks illegally. PPA has agreed to evaluate amnesty for any possible tickets that were a direct result of the incident. PPA or PPD are not prepared to authorize illegal parking on the corners or sidewalks.

The cave-in on 1400 S. Percy Street was the result of unused defective laterals. These laterals were designed to provide public sewer service to homes that remain tied into a local private sewer. PWD will hire a plumber to complete the work and Streets Department will do the restoration once the repairs are completed.

L&I and OEM have stated that they will check the condition of the port-a-potties. If they are no longer in use by their agencies, then they will have them removed.

A request for traps was made to Vector Control. They were informed that there weren’t specific addresses on the request, but there were complaints about rodents in and around the properties. They have agreed to send staff to investigate and treat.

This situation will be fluid throughout the process. We will update as agencies move forward and as details are confirmed.