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City of Philadelphia

EMS Advisory Council

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240 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: 215-685-4216
Fax: 215-685-4207

Monday - Friday
8 am - 4:30 pm

Statement of Purpose

Serving as an advisory committee to the governmental offices and officials of the City of Philadelphia through the Fire Commissioner of the City, the Philadelphia Regional EMS Council shall consider all issues relating to the development and operation of the Emergency Medical Services System within the City and County of Philadelphia.

To ensure excellence in emergency medical care, the EMS Advisory Council will recommend policies governing pre-hospital services; will assist in implementing local, state, and national laws and regulations; and will facilitate coordination among elements within the system.

All deliberations, votes to recommend (VTR), and related activities of the Council will be conducted in compliance with the intent of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Public Law 1985-45, and in open meetings where both membership and interested individuals are welcomed.

For more information regarding the Philadelphia Regional EMS Advisory Council, quarterly meetings, and issues, contact Philadelphia Regional EMS.

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