Philadelphia Civil Service Regulations

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30.01 - REQUIREMENTS.  An Ordinance of Council, Bill No. 08003, enacted in 2008 pursuant to authority of Section 7-401(u) of the Charter, requires that every employee in the civil service shall establish his or her bona fide residence in the City within six months of his or her appointment, and shall thereafter maintain bona fide residence in the City, except that no person shall be appointed as a laborer in the civil service of the City unless he or she has been a bona fide resident of the City for at least one year prior to his or her appointment.  The City Controller may require proof of the residence of any employee in the civil service.
30.02 - WAIVERS OF RESIDENCE, GRANTING OF.  The Commission may, upon the request of the Personnel Director, waive the above residence qualifications when in its discretion the circumstances warrant a waiver.
30.03 - DURATION OF WAIVERS OF RESIDENCE.  Waivers of residence are usually granted for a stipulated period of time.  Those which are granted for an indefinite period are subject to review and withdrawal at any time, but once granted, except in extraordinary circumstances, the Commission will not withdraw an indefinite waiver without affording the employee involved six months within which to assume residence within the City.
30.04 - EFFECT OF WAIVER ON MAINTENANCE OF RESIDENCE.  No waiver of residence granted by the Commission shall be construed to permit an employee who is a resident of the City to remove his residence therefrom unless the waiver specifically so states.
30.05 - TYPES OF WAIVERS.  For convenience the Commission has adopted the following classification of waivers which has the effect and duration noted:
  1. Class Waiver.  A class waiver is applicable to a designated class of positions and permits non-residents of the City to be appointed to such positions provisionally and upon certification from an appropriate eligible list, and to continue to reside outside the City for the period of the provisional appointment and during the probationary period and for six (6) months thereafter.

  2. Indefinite Waiver.  An indefinite waiver may be granted to a specific employee or to employees in a designated class of positions, and permits such employees to be appointed to positions in the Civil Service while non-residents of the City, and to continue thereafter to reside outside the City, subject only to the right of the Commission to withdraw the waiver pursuant to Section 30.03.

  3. Specific Waivers.  Waivers may be issued granting specific employees or specified groups of employees the right to reside outside the City for the period specified in the waiver.

30.06 - RENEWAL OF WAIVERS.  Class residence waivers granted may be used for any subsequent examination or until rescinded by the Civil Service Commission.  Specific waivers will not be renewed without application for such renewal showing proper cause therefor.
30.07 - EFFECT OF WAIVER ON PROMOTION.  Any employee awarded an individual, indefinite waiver of residence for a position on the basis of shortage of qualified candidates for that position shall be permitted to take any promotional examination which he would be entitled to take were he a resident, and shall have the benefit of an individual, indefinite waiver of residence in any other position for which there is a shortage of qualified candidates to which he may be promoted by reason of eligibility obtained in such an examination.
Further, such employee shall have the benefit of an indefinite, individual waiver of residence for any position to which he may be temporarily promoted or provisionally appointed to a higher level position.
30.08 - PROMOTIONS OF NON-RESIDENT CITY EMPLOYEES.  A non-resident City employee who has remained a non-resident under a class waiver for a period less than that granted by the waiver, may be appointed to a position in a higher class for which no waiver has been granted, and may be continued in such higher level position provided that the employee has become a resident of the City at or before the expiration of the waiver for his original appointment.
30.09 - RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT FOR UNIFORMED AND INVESTIGATORY EMPLOYEES OF THE POLICE DEPARTMENT AND DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE.  Effective July 1, 2010, uniformed and investigatory employees of the Police Department and District Attorney's Office who are eligible for or currently enrolled in DROP are not required to live in the City.
30.09-1 - Effective July 1, 2012, uniformed and investigatory employees of the Police Department and District Attorney's Office who have five (5) or more years of service in a class represented by the Fraternal Order of Police are not required to live in the City.
All employees are required to live in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.