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29. Political Activity:

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33. Miscellaneous Regulations

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29.01 - PURPOSE AND SCOPE.  Employees in the Civil Service are subject to the political activity restrictions as set forth in Section 10-107 of the City Charter and as interpreted by the Board of Ethics.
Employees in the Civil Service must comply with Charter Section 10-107 and with Board of Ethics Regulation 8.  Regulation 8 represents the Board of Ethics' interpretation of the requirements and prohibitions of certain subsections of Charter Section 10-107.
The Board of Ethics has jurisdiction to administer, provide advice, receive complaints, conduct investigations and otherwise enforce the Charter's political activity restrictions and Regulation 8.  A determination by the Board of Ethics that a violation of Charter Section 10-107 or of Regulation 8 has occurred or the related imposition of civil penalties by the Board of Ethics cannot be appealed to the Civil Service Commission.
Nothing in this Regulation is intended to preclude an appointing authority from imposing appropriate employment discipline for conduct that violates this Regulation, or to preclude any right to appeal such discipline to the Civil Service Commission.
Questions about permissible and prohibited political activity should be directed to the Board of Ethics.


Philadelphia Civil Service Regulations
Transmittal no.344 (Jan-6-2015)