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 1. Purpose

 2. Definitions

 3. Preparation, Adoption and Revision of Regulations

 4. Exemptions from Civil Service

 5. Classification Plan

 6. Pay Plan

 7. General Requirements for Applicants

 8. Applications

 9. Examinations

10. Eligible Lists

11. Requisitions, Certification and Appointment

12. Limited-Term Appointments

13. Assignments and Transfers

14. Probationary Period

15. Resignation, Reinstatement, Restoration and Retirement

16. Layoffs

17. Dismissals, Demotions, Suspensions and Appeals

18. Hours of Work and City Service

19. Holidays

20. Vacation Leave

21. Sick Leave

22. Leaves of Absence

23. Performance Reports

24. Working Conditions

25. Records and Reports

26. Training of Employees

27. Safety, Health, Welfare and Recreation

28. Labor Relations

29. Political Activity

30. Residence Requirement

31. Interim Regulations

32. Injury and Disability

33. Miscellaneous Regulations

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18.01 - NORMAL WORK WEEKS.  The basic work weeks for full-time employees in the Civil Service are as follows:
18.011 - GENERAL.  For all employees, except as provided below, the regular work week shall be forty (40) hours, consisting of five (5) working days, Monday to Friday inclusive, of eight (8) hours each.
18.012 - CLERICAL AND OFFICE.  For clerical and office employees the work week shall be not less than thirty-seven and one-half (37_1/2) hours nor more than forty (40) hours, and the work day shall be not more than eight (8) hours as fixed pursuant to Section 18.02 below.
18.013 - UNIFORMED AND INVESTIGATORY PERSONNEL OF VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS.  For all uniformed and investigatory personnel of the Police Department, Fairmount Park Commission and the Legal Investigators of the District Attorney's Office, the work week shall be forty (40) hours.  For all uniformed personnel of the Fire Department the average work week shall be no less than forty (40) hours.  Daily schedules consistent with these requirements shall be submitted for approval in accordance with Section 18.02 below.
18.014 - SHIFT EMPLOYEES.  For shift employees, the work week shall consist of forty (40) hours, five (5) days, eight (8) hours each, Monday to Sunday inclusive, except that for clerical and office employees the work week may be not less than thirty-seven and one-half (37_1/2) hours nor more than forty (40) hours.
18.015 - EXCEPTIONS.  The nature of certain types or classes of work may require deviations from the normal work weeks, including the hours worked per day and/or number of days worked per week.
18.02 - SCHEDULES OF WORK.  The appropriate authority of each office, department, board or commission shall submit to the Director for approval a schedule, in triplicate, of normal working hours for each organizational unit.  Such schedules shall specify regular weekly hours and/or days of work for each class of employee with exceptions noted, if any.  Such schedules shall remain in effect until further revision has been submitted.
18.03 - FLEXIBLE WORK SCHEDULES FOR DISTRICT COUNCIL 47 AND NON-REPRESENTED CLASSES.  All proposed flexible work schedules shall be submitted to the Director for review.  Based on this review, the Director will present to the Commission any schedule he recommends for approval.  Such schedules shall be effective only after approval of the Commission.  Contrary provisions of these Regulations notwithstanding, employees assigned to a flexible work schedule shall be subject to the rules detailed in the approved schedule.  Nothing in this regulation shall be construed to alter or modify any existing labor agreement unless the parties to that agreement concur.
18.04 - CONTINUOUS SERVICE.  All paid City service, between date of appointment and date of separation, shall constitute continuous service when computing vacation or sick leave earned.  Any time spent on a furlough shall be included in computing length of continuous service.  Periods not exceeding fifteen (15) consecutive working days during which an employee is in an unpaid status for the following reasons shall also be included in computing length of continuous service.
  • Separation or lay off from the City service immediately prior to reinstatement or reappointment;
  • Leave of absence without pay; or
  • Suspension without pay.
(Previously 20.011 and 21.012)
18.041 - EXCEPTIONS.  An approved leave of absence without pay, suspension without pay, layoff, or separation based on a service connected disability or a non-service connected disability, for a period exceeding fifteen (15) consecutive working days is not to be included in computing length of continuous service.  Service immediately following such a break in continuous service shall be considered a continuation of the service immediately preceding it when computing vacation or sick leave earned.
18.042 - COMBINATION OF PERMANENT AND OTHER TYPES OF APPOINTMENT.  Time worked under emergency, temporary or seasonal appointment, when followed immediately by permanent or provisional appointment may, upon the recommendation of the appointing authority and approval of the Director, be included in computing length of continuous service when computing vacation or sick leave earned.
18.043 - CREDIT FOR TIME WORKED FOR THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA.  An employee holding a regular, full time position with the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania who terminates employment with the First Judicial District and who is immediately appointed to a Civil Service position shall be granted City credit for time worked for the First Judicial District for the purpose of calculating the amount of vacation and sick leave to be earned with the City.  All other provisions of Regulation 18 shall apply to employees who are appointed to a Civil Service position immediately after termination of employment with the First Judicial District.
18.05 - MONTHS OF SERVICE OR EMPLOYMENT.  means employment in pay status for the majority of days in a calendar month.
18.06 - BREAK TIME FOR NURSING MOTHERS.  Any employee who is a nursing mother shall be granted break time to express breast milk for her nursing child each time such employee has need to express the milk for one year after the child's birth.  Any such break that lasts for fifteen (15) minutes or less shall be considered time worked.  Any such break that lasts for more than fifteen (15) minutes will not be considered time worked and the employee must use any accumulated vacation or compensatory time for the entire break period.  If such employee has no paid vacation or compensatory leave available, the time will be considered approved leave without pay.  Any employee who wishes to take break time for nursing mothers greater than normally allocated paid break time must notify, in writing, the Appointing Authority of her intent.  The notification must include the child's date of birth


Philadelphia Civil Service Regulations
Transmittal no.344 (Jan-6-2015)