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 4. Exemptions from Civil Service

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 7. General Requirements for Applicants

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 9. Examinations

10. Eligible Lists

11. Requisitions, Certification and Appointment

12. Limited-Term Appointments

13. Assignments and Transfers

14. Probationary Period

15. Resignation, Reinstatement, Restoration and Retirement

16. Layoffs

17. Dismissals, Demotions, Suspensions and Appeals

18. Hours of Work and City Service

19. Holidays

20. Vacation Leave

21. Sick Leave

22. Leaves of Absence

23. Performance Reports

24. Working Conditions

25. Records and Reports

26. Training of Employees

27. Safety, Health, Welfare and Recreation

28. Labor Relations

29. Political Activity

30. Residence Requirement

31. Interim Regulations

32. Injury and Disability

33. Miscellaneous Regulations

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14.01 - APPOINTMENTS FROM ELIGIBLE LISTS.  All persons appointed from open competitive, promotional or preferred eligible lists shall be subject to a probationary period of six (6) months, except as may be otherwise provided in the Regulations.  The period of probation is expressly understood to be part of the entrance or promotional examination or reinstatement and that the status of the appointee or reinstated employee as a permanent employee is not approved until successfully completing his period of probation.
14.011 - APPOINTMENT FOLLOWING LAYOFF UTILIZING A LAYOFF LIST FOR APPOINTMENT TO A RELATED CLASS.  A person whose name is on a layoff list who is appointed to a position in a related or comparable class shall be subject to a probationary period of six (6) months.  Rejection of the probationer during the probationary period would result in restoring his name to the layoff list on which his name appeared; however, the period of time during which his name will remain on the layoff list will in no case extend beyond two (2) years from the date of layoff.
14.0111 - Appointment to a Related or Comparable Class as an Alternative to Layoff.  An employee scheduled for layoff who is transferred to another department and placed in a related or comparable class as an alternative to layoff prior to the layoff effective date shall be subject to a probationary period of six (6) months.  Any employee rejected during the probationary period will have his or her name restored to the layoff list on which his or her name appeared.
14.0112 - Probationary Period Not Required.  Employees appointed to a related or comparable class in lieu of layoff are not subject to a probationary period if they are appointed to:
  1. Any position in the same department in which the layoff occurred
  2. A lower level class in the career advancement series in which they had permanent status
14.012 - CREDIT FOR TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT FOR EMPLOYEE IN DISTRICT COUNCIL 47 REPRESENTED CLASS.  If an employee has served in a permanent District Council 47 represented position on a temporary appointment from an eligible list immediately prior to a probationary appointment to that same position and a satisfactory performance report is submitted for the aforesaid period of temporary employment, this period of temporary employment shall be credited toward the required probationary period.
14.013 - VOLUNTARY DEMOTION FROM THE FIRE SERVICE PARAMEDIC CLASS TO THE FIREFIGHTER CLASS.  Employees who have not had previous status in the class of Firefighter who demote voluntarily from the class of Fire Service Paramedic II to the class of Firefighter shall be subject to a probationary period of six (6) months.
14.014 - VOLUNTARY DEMOTION FROM THE POLICE OFFICER RECRUIT CLASS TO THE CORRECTIONAL OFFICER TRAINEE CLASS.  Employees who do not have permanent Civil Service status in the class of Police Officer Recruit who demote voluntarily from that class to the class of Correctional Officer Trainee shall be subject to a probationary period of six (6) months.  An employee who accepts such a voluntary demotion, and who does not pass probation as a Correctional Officer Trainee, will be terminated without any reinstatement rights to Police Officer Recruit.
14.02 - REINSTATEMENTS.  Any permanent or probationary employee who is reinstated within one year of the date of his resignation shall serve a probationary period of six (6) months.
14.03 - COMPLETION OF PROBATIONARY PERIOD IN LOWER CLASS WHILE SERVING IN RELATED HIGHER CLASS.  If a person is transferred, appointed or promoted to a class in the same or in a closely related series of classes either on a provisional, temporary, or probationary basis, he shall be considered to have successfully completed his probationary period in the lower class when his combined service in both classes totals six (6) months, provided that the appointing authority does not file a Performance Report with an over-all rating of Improvement Needed, Unacceptable or Unsatisfactory before the end of the aggregate period of six (6) months.
14.04 - REJECTION OF EMPLOYEE DURING PROBATIONARY PERIOD.  At any time during the probationary period, the appointing authority, or his/her designated representative, with the approval of the Director, may discharge or demote a probationary employee, if said appointing authority, or his/her designated representative, determine that such employee is unable or unwilling to perform his/her duties satisfactorily, or that his/her habits and dependability do not merit his/her continuance in the City service or that information revealed during the pre-employment background investigation requires removing the employee from the position.  The appointing authority, or his/her designated representative, may, depending upon the circumstances justifying the rejection, recommend that the name of the rejected probationer be either removed or restored to the eligible list.
14.041 - REJECTION PROCEDURE.  The following steps are to be taken in the order given in rejecting employees during the probationary period:
14.0411 - Preparation of Notice.  The employee shall be notified in writing of his rejection.  The notice to the employee shall be prepared by the employee's supervisor and should indicate the specific reasons recommending rejection.  This supervisor need not but should preferably be the employee's immediate supervisor.
14.0412 - Department Head Concurrence.  Concurrence with the recommended rejection must next be obtained through signature of the head of the department or his designated representative.
14.0413 - Director's Concurrence and Effective Date.  On or before the proposed effective date of rejection, three copies of the notice of rejection shall be submitted to the Director.  Written consent of the Director must be obtained before rejection can be made.  The rejection cannot be effective after the last day of the probationary period.
14.04131 - Suspension.  In instances in which the employee has committed some act which requires, in the City's interest, that he immediately be removed from his position, he should first be suspended in accordance with existing Regulations and procedures.  The length of suspension should cover the period to permit the processing of the rejection forms.
14.0414 - Notice to Employee.  A copy of the completed Notice of Rejection shall be personally delivered or sent by registered mail to the employee.  The rejection of the employee during the probationary period is then complete.
14.042 - APPEAL RIGHTS OF REJECTED PROBATIONARY EMPLOYEE.  An employee who is rejected during the probationary period does not have the right to appeal to the Civil Service Commission against such action.
14.043 - EXTENSION OF PROBATIONARY PERIOD.  Whenever either (a) any probationary employee of any class is continually absent from work for any of the five reasons listed below for a period of thirty (30) calendar days or more, or (b) a probationary employee of a Uniformed or Investigatory Police Class is placed on restricted duty for a period of thirty (30) calendar days or more, the Director may, at the request of the appointing authority, extend the employee's probationary period for a period of time equal to the length of the absence or the duration of the restricted duty placement.
  1. Sick Leave
  2. Vacation Leave
  3. Military Leave
  4. Leave Without Pay
  5. Any combination of the above that exceeds the prescribed time limit.
The employee who is absent or on restricted duty must be notified by the appointing authority that the probationary period may be extended for a period of time equal to the length of the absence or the duration of the restricted duty placement.  Such notification must be given no later than two weeks after the employee has been absent or on restricted duty placement for a period of thirty (30) calendar days.
The request to extend the probationary period must be received by the Director no later than the end of the original probationary period for the employee.


Philadelphia Civil Service Regulations
Transmittal no.338 (Feb-28-2014)