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 1. Purpose

 2. Definitions

 3. Preparation, Adoption and Revision of Regulations

 4. Exemptions from Civil Service

 5. Classification Plan

 6. Pay Plan

 7. General Requirements for Applicants

 8. Applications

 9. Examinations

10. Eligible Lists

11. Requisitions, Certification and Appointment

12. Limited-Term Appointments

13. Assignments and Transfers

14. Probationary Period

15. Resignation, Reinstatement, Restoration and Retirement

16. Layoffs

17. Dismissals, Demotions, Suspensions and Appeals

18. Hours of Work and City Service

19. Holidays

20. Vacation Leave

21. Sick Leave

22. Leaves of Absence

23. Performance Reports

24. Working Conditions

25. Records and Reports

26. Training of Employees

27. Safety, Health, Welfare and Recreation

28. Labor Relations

29. Political Activity

30. Residence Requirement

31. Interim Regulations

32. Injury and Disability

33. Miscellaneous Regulations

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13.01 - TEMPORARY PROMOTIONS.  In the absence of an appropriate departmental eligible list, a temporary appointment without examination to fill a vacancy may be authorized by the Director, upon the written request of an appointing authority.  All such temporary promotions shall continue for no more than a period of six (6) months.
13.011 - TEMPORARY CHANGE IN ASSIGNMENT.  With the approval of the appropriate department head or his deputy, there may be assigned to an employee duties appropriate to a higher class of position than that in which the employee is employed, provided however, that such out-of-class work assignment may not continue for more than sixty (60) working days during a ninety (90) day period, and also provided that excluded from the above are trainee classes involving college background.  Should such assignment continue beyond sixty (60) days it shall be reported to the Director and a new appointment must be made in compliance with the provisions of the Regulations relating to such appointments.
13.0111 - Non-Represented Personnel Working Out-Of-Class.  Compensation for such out-of-class work assignment in a higher level classification up to and including pay range EP16 shall be in accordance with Regulation 6.092.  The appointing authority shall file an Out-of-Class Assignments report with the Director for all out-of-class work assignments in a higher level classification, regardless of pay range.
13.0112 - Uniformed Fire Personnel Working Out-Of-Class.  Compensation for such out-of-class work assignment in a higher classification shall be in accordance with Regulation 6.092.
13.0113 - Uniformed And Investigatory Personnel Of The Police Department and the District Attorney's Office Working Out-Of-Class.  For acting out of rank in a higher rank, an employee shall be paid at the rate of the first pay step of the higher rank.
13.0114 - District Council 33 and District Council 47 Represented Employees.  Compensation for such out-of-class work assignment in a higher classification shall be in accordance with Regulation 6.092 and shall be paid after the first two (2) hours of such out-of-class work in any work day for all hours worked in the higher class until the assignment to the higher class is terminated.
13.012 - TEMPORARY PROMOTIONS FOLLOWING OUT-OF-CLASS ASSIGNMENT.  In the absence of an appropriate departmental eligible list, a temporary promotion may be authorized in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 13.01 when an employee working in an out-of-class assignment continues to be so employed beyond sixty (60) working days as provided for in Regulation 13.011, Temporary Change in Assignment, and its subsections.  Credit for service in such out-of-class assignment will be granted as experience in promotional examinations.
13.0121 - Upon request of the appointing authority, approval of the Director and agreement of the employee, a non-represented employee may be given an additional out-of-class assignment, for a period of time not exceeding three months, immediately following temporary promotion.  The employee shall not be compensated at a higher level but shall be granted experience credit for examination purposes for the period of such assignment.  The appointing authority shall file an out-of-class assignment memo with the Director upon completion of the assignment, certifying the time period the employee worked at the higher level.
13.02 - ASSIGNMENTS AND TRANSFERS.  An appointing authority may assign any Civil Service employee under his jurisdiction from one position to another in the same class under his jurisdiction.  Transfer of a Civil Service employee from a position in one department, board or commission, to a position in another, may be made with the approval of the Director and the consent of the two appointing authorities concerned, provided the positions are in the same class.  An employee having permanent Civil Service status, properly transferred from one position to another in the same class, shall retain his permanent Civil Service status, and shall not be subjected to a probationary period in his new position.
13.03 - NO TRANSFER PERMITTED.  No person holding a position exempted from Civil Service shall be transferred to a Civil Service position, nor shall any person who has not been appointed after competitive examination be transferred to a position for which competitive examinations are required.
13.04 - COURT WITNESS FOR CITY.  An employee shall be considered detailed, with compensation, for the actual time required from his regularly assigned duties when:
13.041 - he acts as a witness in litigation on behalf of the City; or
13.042 - he is subpoenaed to testify as a witness other than a character witness in a criminal matter; or
13.043 - with the approval of the appointing authority, he appears in any hearing or investigation at the request of any agency of federal, state, county or local government; or
13.044 - he is forced by subpoena to appear in his official capacity in a proceeding in which neither he nor the City has a direct interest.
This section does not apply to uniformed and investigatory personnel who receive compensatory time off for the extra time they expend in appearing before courts and official agencies on City business. (Refer to Sections 6.06 and 6.1116)


Philadelphia Civil Service Regulations
Transmittal no.344 (Jan-6-2015)