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Table Of Contents

 1. Purpose

 2. Definitions

 3. Preparation, Adoption and Revision of Regulations

 4. Exemptions from Civil Service

 5. Classification Plan

 6. Pay Plan

 7. General Requirements for Applicants

 8. Applications

 9. Examinations

10. Eligible Lists

11. Requisitions, Certification and Appointment

12. Limited-Term Appointments

13. Assignments and Transfers

14. Probationary Period

15. Resignation, Reinstatement, Restoration and Retirement

16. Layoffs

17. Dismissals, Demotions, Suspensions and Appeals

18. Hours of Work and City Service

19. Holidays

20. Vacation Leave

21. Sick Leave

22. Leaves of Absence

23. Performance Reports

24. Working Conditions

25. Records and Reports

26. Training of Employees

27. Safety, Health, Welfare and Recreation

28. Labor Relations

29. Political Activity

30. Residence Requirement

31. Interim Regulations

32. Injury and Disability

33. Miscellaneous Regulations

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12.01 - PROVISIONAL APPOINTMENTS.  Whenever there is urgent need for filling a vacancy in any position in the Civil Service and the Director is unable to certify an eligible therefor, he may authorize the filling of the position by provisional appointment.  In order to be eligible for provisional appointment a person must possess the necessary education, experience and other qualifications as set forth in the specification for the class concerned.  A provisional appointment shall continue for not more than thirty (30) days after the Director has certified eligibles for the position but in no event for more than ninety (90) days in any twelve (12) month period.  The acceptance of a provisional appointment shall not confer upon the appointee any rights of permanent status, transfer, promotion or reinstatement.
12.011 - In the event that a provisional appointment expires before an eligible list is established for the class in which the provisional appointment was granted, the Director, upon request of the appointing authority, may authorize the continuance of the incumbent in the position as a temporary appointee for six months or until such time as the eligible list is established, whichever period is shorter.  In such cases, the employee will continue to receive the benefits to which he was entitled had he continued as a provisional appointee.
12.02 - TEMPORARY APPOINTMENTS.  Whenever an appointing authority deems a temporary position necessary for a limited period not to exceed six (6) months, he/she shall so advise the Director, stating the duration of such period, the rate of compensation, and the duties to be performed.  If, in the judgment of the Director, the position is in fact of a temporary nature, he/she shall certify the name of the person highest on an appropriate eligible list who is willing to accept temporary appointment.  If there is no person whose name is on the appropriate list who is willing to accept appointment, the Director shall certify for such temporary service any person deemed qualified.  The acceptance or refusal by an eligible person of a temporary appointment shall not affect his her standing on the eligible list for permanent appointment, except in the case of unskilled laborer, where acceptance of a temporary position will result in the removal of the person's name from the eligible list until the completion of the temporary appointment.  The person will not be eligible for certification to other positions until completion of the temporary appointment.  The person's name shall then be restored to the eligible list at the completion of the temporary appointment.  If at any time it becomes evident that the need for the temporary position will extend beyond six (6) months, the position shall, if further authorized, be made permanent and shall be filled by certification and appointment in the same manner as other permanent positions.  No person shall serve as a temporary appointee for longer than six (6) months in any twelve (12) month period.  This limit may be restricted to a shorter time period at the discretion of the Director.  Experience gained as a temporary appointee shall in no way vary the order of certification for permanent appointment, nor shall a period of temporary service be counted as part of the probationary service in case of subsequent appointment to a permanent position, except as may be otherwise provided in the Regulations.  The acceptance of a temporary appointment shall not confer upon the appointee any rights of permanent status, transfer, promotion or reinstatement.
12.03 - EMERGENCY APPOINTMENTS.  In case of an emergency which could not have been foreseen and which requires the immediate employment of one or more persons to prevent serious impairment of the public business an it is not practicable to secure the needed person or persons by certification from an eligible list in time to meet the emergency, an appointing authority may appoint any qualified person during such emergency for a period not exceeding thirty (30) days.  The Director shall have the right to make such investigation as he deems necessary to determine whether an emergency actually exists, and his determination of this question shall be final so far as the auditing and disbursing officers are concerned.  In no case shall successive emergency appointments be made and no person shall receive more than three emergency appointments in any twelve (12) month period.
12.04 - SEASONAL APPOINTMENTS.  Any position in the Civil Service which requires, or is likely to require, the services of an incumbent during certain parts of each year only at recurring annual or other periods shall be designated a seasonal position.  Requisition, certification and appointment to seasonal positions shall be made in the same manner as provided in these Regulations for original appointments generally.  The layoff of employees in seasonal positions shall be made in accordance with the general Regulation governing layoffs, except where the appointing authority requests that a method better suited to the situation be used and where such method is approved by the Director.  Any person lawfully appointed to or employed in a seasonal position who has been separated therefrom by the discontinuance thereof shall, unless he is ineligible for further employment, be entitled to re-employment in the same position at the next recurring period upon filing with the Director a request for such re-employment at least thirty (30) days before the date of resumption of the seasonal work.


Philadelphia Civil Service Regulations
Transmittal no.344 (Jan-6-2015)