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 1.  Purpose
 2.  Definitions
 3.  Preparation, Adoption and Revision of Regulations
 6.  Pay Plan
 8.  Applications
 9.  Examinations
13. ( abolished )
16. Layoffs

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3.01 -   PREPARATION AND ADOPTION.  Regulations shall be prepared and adopted in accordance with the provisions of Section 7-400 of the Charter.
3.02 -   ADDITIONS, AMENDMENTS AND REPEAL OF REGULATIONS.  Additions to and amendments or repeal of Regulations may be made from time to time, as circumstances and conditions may require, in accordance with the provisions of Section 7-400 of the Charter.
3.03 -   REVISION OF FORMAT AND NUMBERING SYSTEM OF EXISTING REGULATIONS.  Existing Regulations may be revised as to format and numbering system providing no change is made in the actual wording of the content of the sections.
3.04 -   ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTIVES PERTAINING TO REGULATIONS.  The Director may promulgate and, as occasion requires, rescind or amend directives which shall prescribe the detailed procedures to be followed in carrying out the provisions of the Regulations.
3.05 -   DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY.  Whenever in these Regulations the Director is authorized to make determination or take actions, he may, at his discretion, delegate such authority to such other employees of the Personnel Department as he may determine.