About IntegrityWorks


Welcome to IntegrityWorks, the place to learn about why and how the City of Philadelphia operates honestly and ethically.

Whether you:

  • work for the City or serve on a City board or commission
  • operate a business in the City
  • own property in the City
  • live in the City
  • do (or want to do) business with the City

you deserve to have the City provide services and business opportunities with fairness and integrity - uncompromised by financial conflicts of interest, favoritism, political affiliation, or other unfair considerations. Good ethics is good business. IntegrityWorks makes information about the ethics rules readily available.

Specifically, this site:

  • Provides a plain English explanation of, and links to, statutes and regulations that promote honest City government;
  • Identifies the City offices that administer and enforce those rules;
  • Identifies common situations to which ethics rules apply, and practical advice for handling those situations;
  • Offers forms and templates to promote compliance with ethics regulations;
  • Addresses particular issues concerning City employees, City boards and commissions members, elected City officials, City vendors and the public at large;
  • Offers a link to ask questions or raise matters you think should be addressed.

Thank you for your interest in IntegrityWorks, and in the City of Philadelphia. Together, we make Philadelphia an ethical place to live and work.

Michael Nutter, Mayor          Hope Caldwell, Chief Integrity Officer


About IntegrityWorks