I think a City official or employee, a City contractor, or someone else, is suggesting that I have to provide a political contribution or other benefit (gift, service, money, etc.) for me to do business with or get a service from the City

Promptly contact the Inspector General’s Office at 215-686-1770 or at  If you wish to submit your complaint anonymously, you may do so through the Inspector General’s website

How Do I Handle...

IntegrityWorks offers guidance for commonly-occurring situations. These are not the only situations in which ethics rules would apply; they are simply the most common ones. Other guidance may be added to this site as situations warrant.

These are general guidelines. Because each situation presents its own set of facts, this general guidance isn’t advice on which you can legally rely. If you want to be absolutely sure that your conduct complies with applicable ethics laws, you should seek advice before taking action.