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Property Information

With the Office of Property Assessment's Property Search, you can search and compare property valuation data in the city of Philadelphia.

Please note, we are currently experiencing higher than usual traffic. We apologize in advance for any delays you may experience. 

Property Search

 Properties can be searched by:
  • Address
  • Block
  • Intersection 
  • OPA Account Number (same as old BRT Account Number)

For any selected property, you can view:

  • a property’s owner(s);
  • the owner’s mailing address (if different from the address of the property);
  • the characteristics of the property (such as square footage, lot size and exerior condition);
  • the property's current and prior certified values; and
  • information about the most recent sale of the property.

To access a property's Real Estate Tax balance information, visit the Department of Revenue.

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