MOTU at Five - Five Year Progress Report
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MOTU at Five – Five Year Progress Report

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The Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities works hard to make sure Philadelphians can get where they are going, no matter how they choose to get there; be it by foot, bike, car, or transit.
The office endeavors to ensure that Philadelphia’s water, electricity, and gas systems are of the highest caliber. To do so, MOTU makes sure that the investments and plans that affect the city’s infrastructure and the people who use it are done with a shared vision of increased mobility and sustainability. The Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities does not directly provide city services, instead it makes sure that those departments that fix the City’s pot holes, the authorities that run its subways, and maintain its runways work together for a economically and environmentally sustainable future.

MOTU works closely with partners from within City Government and across the public and private sectors to move Philadelphia forward. MOTU has expanded our bicycle and pedestrian networks, invested in new, safer bike lanes and pedestrian plazas and parklets. Our Spruce and Pine Street buffered bike lanes won Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly 2010: Best Urban Innovation. Some projects were simple solutions to everyday problems, such as the creation of the Cell Phone Parking Lot at the Philadelphia International Airport and the synchronizing of traffic signals on key corridors. Philly on the Move PDF »

For MOTU, the Streets and Water Departments, the Airport and the Energy Office, simply developing an innovative project is insufficient; we strive to create a new business as usual. The new business as usual delivers greater value for tax payers, thinks beyond the short term and leverages meaningful collaborations. The Streets and Water Departments focus on a triple bottom line; one that accounts for economic, environmental and social benefits. We are thinking anew about how the City manages residential waste and powers our own facilities. The New Business as Usual PDF »

Making sure Philadelphians travel safely along the City’s streets is a top priority for the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities. On average, every five hours a pedestrian is hit by a car in Philadelphia and tragically, about every two weeks a pedestrian is killed by a car. MOTU is working diligently to reduce these numbers. Reducing fatalities and crashes of all kinds requires significant coordination and investment. The three pillars of traffic safety are engineering, education and enforcement. Safety Success Stories PDF »

The Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities has led the way in winning competitive grants to invest in Philadelphia’s infrastructure and its future. Since 2008, MOTU and its agencies have secured more than $91 million in competitive grants from federal, state and non-profit sources. The office and its partners are building green infrastructure, expanding our pedestrian and bicycle trail network, speeding up bus and trolley service, reinvesting energy savings in energy efficiency, and expanding Philadelphia’s airport. Bringing Home the Bacon PDF »

Every time SEPTA repairs its trolley tracks, a community group transforms a parking space into a parklet, or PennDOT redesigns a highway interchange to minimize its impact on the community, it requires the collaboration and cooperation of multiple partners. MOTU’s efforts to make Philadelphia more mobile and safer would not be possible without building a network of stakeholders and partners that trust MOTU. Partnerships Take Priority PDF »

Ten years ago few would have imagined that cities from Paris to Washington DC would be home to innovative bike-sharing systems that allowed users to borrow bikes for short one way trips within a network of docking stations. By 2014, such a system will be coming to the City of Philadelphia. Whether it is replacing traffic signals with LED’s or turning parking spaces into parks, MOTU is committed to expanding what infrastructure can do for the City and its citizens. What is the next stop for the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities and Philadelphia? The Next Stop PDF »