Executive Orders

Mayor Nutter created the position of Chief Integrity Officer under Executive Order 02-08.
Mayor Nutter issued four other executive orders regulating nepotism, outside employment, gifts and sexual harassment.

These executive orders – summarized below – apply to the executive and administrative branches of City government, which comprise over 85% of City employees and officials.  They do not apply to City Council, the local Courts, or the Offices of Controller, Sheriff, City Commissioners, District Attorney, or Register of Wills.  Mayor Nutter has encouraged these officials to adopt these ethics requirements in their operations. 

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Nepotism. Executive Order 01-11 prohibits nepotism.  Specifically, it:

  • Prohibits City officials and employees from participating in employment decisions that could benefit or disadvantage a family member or life partner.
  • Prohibits City officials and employees who are immediate family members from serving in the same chain of command.
  • Requires disclosure of relationships between City employees who are immediate family or life partners to the supervising authority and to the Director of Human Resources.  (The duty to report is imposed on the family member higher in the supervisory chain of command.)
  • Covers contract employees who are directly supervised by a City official or employee.
  • Requires reassignment of employees or work duties if necessary to avoid any conflict of interest.
  • Allows for temporary waivers of the prohibition for operational necessity at the discretion of the Managing Director, City Solicitor, and Human Resources Director.

Outside Employment. Executive Order 02-11 regulates outside and self-employment by City employees to ensure that the outside or self-employment does not interfere with an employee’s City work.  Specifically it:

  • Prohibits City employees from engaging in outside employment while being paid for or conducting City work.
  • Prohibits use of City resources (such as vehicles, telephones, computers, office space, equipment, or supplies) and time for outside/self employment.
  • Prohibits outside/self employment while on City sick/disability time.
  • Requires City employees to obtain written approval for outside/self employment from an appointing City authority.
  • Allows departments to maintain their own, stricter restrictions on outside employment.
  • Requires reporting of outside employment to City’s Department of Human Resources and to the Mayor.

Gifts. Executive Order 03-11 prohibits the solicitation or acceptance of gifts and other benefits by City employees and officials.  Specifically, it:

  • Strengthens and replaces Executive Order 02-04
  • Prohibits City officials and employees from soliciting or accepting any
    • Gift
    • Gratuity
    • Favor
    • Invitation
    • Food
    • Drink
    • loan that is not commercially reasonable and made in the ordinary course of business from any person with business with the City or whose interests may be affected by the official’s or employee’s performance or nonperformance of his/her official duties.
  •  Prohibits persons from offering the above items to City officials and employees.
  • Covers City Board and Commission members -- they are prohibited from receiving gifts from persons who have or are expected to have business before their Boards/Commissions.
  • Requires for City employees who receive prohibited gift offers to report those offers to the Chief Integrity Officer and to the Inspector General.
  • Provides limited exceptions that allow:
    • acceptance of gifts and other items offered by friends/relatives
    • acceptance of widely-offered promotional offers of discounts on goods/services
    • acceptance of nominal tokens of appreciation or mementos at public appearances
    • infrequent acceptance of food/drink of nominal value at meetings held at a place of business where necessary to continue the meeting and where served to all participants
    • “gifts to the city,” where the gift furthers a legitimate public purpose and when offered to the appointing authority, for the City’s benefit, rather than a particular employee or official
    • Provides for sanctions for those who offer gifts to City employees and officials, up to and including debarment from City contracts.
    • Provides CIO with authority to issue waivers.

Sexual Harassment. Executive Order 04-11 prohibits sexual harassment in City government.  Specifically, it:

  • Prohibits unwelcome sexual advances as a condition of employment.
  • Prohibits granting or withholding City employment opportunities or benefits based on a consensual sexual relationship between a supervisor/manager and subordinate.
  • Prohibits retaliation against a person who has raised a concern about, or filed a complaint about, or witnessed sexual harassment.
  • Requires City managers or supervisors to promptly report allegations of sexual harassment to the Law Department, Office of Human Resources and to the appropriate Cabinet official.


Did You Know...
  • Anyone who contributes more than $2,900 individually or $11,500 for a company may not be awarded professional service contracts.
  • Any company or individual who wants a City professional services contract must disclose political contributions to be considered for the contract.
  • City employees may not be officers or members of a committee of a political party, nor can they engage in campaign activities on behalf of a party or candidate in a political campaign or election.
  • A person who offers a prohibited gift to a City employee may be subject to sanctions with regard to future City contracts, which can include being barred from any City contracting.
What "Ethics" Doesn't Mean

“Ethics” or “integrity” doesn’t cover all difficulties you may face.

For example, if you need a lawyer to address your legal problems, you should contact the Philadelphia Bar Association referral service or Community Legal Services. If you have an issue regarding a utility bill, you should contact that utility company. If you have an issue concerning a city tax or fee, you should contact the City’s Revenue Department.

If you have a true “ethics” concern relating to any City ordinance, financial disclosure, standards of governmental conduct, campaign finance matters, prohibited political activity, or a conflict of interest, you should contact the Ethics Board at 215-686-9450 or at