“Public service” means just that – your job is to serve the public. Regardless of your job or office here – manual labor or a skilled trade, public health or public safety, clerical or professional – you work for the well-being of the City and the people who live, work and visit here.
No matter what your organization may be called, or whether or not you receive compensation for your service -- the citizens, businesses, and visitors of Philadelphia are entitled to have you act with honesty and fairness, without regard for a relationship you might have or because of someone’s political views.
As we set high standards for ourselves, we also expect the same of people, businesses, and organizations who do business with the City. All individuals, companies, and organizations with whom we do business must be fully licensed and current on all applicable City taxes and fees, and they must comply with all applicable ethics rules.
Every City official and employee - including the mayor, a police or fire department officer, a City Council member, a health or construction inspector, a librarian, a sanitation worker, a secretary, a mechanic, or anyone holding a position that keeps the City running - is a public servant.