Executive Order Summary
The Mayor’s Commission was formed pursuant of Executive Order 01-09, issued on January 8, 2009. The Mayor’s Commission on Asian American Affairs is compromised of 25 members appointed by the Mayor. Members include representatives of the City of Philadelphia, academia, the non-profit and service provider community and the business community.

The Mayor’s Commission on Asian American Affairs set priority goals in the following areas:

  • Language Access
  • Outreach & Engagement
  • Convention 2017

This task was accomplished by reviewing current policies, holding hearings to evaluate with the effectiveness of City services and programs, working with City departments, convening no less than six meetings a year, open community forum to report work and accomplishments of previous year, plus submitting an annual report to the Mayor. The Mayor’s Commission also reviewed research and proposals completed by Department of Justice, Philadelphia Commission on Human Rights, area organizations and academic institutions to determine which recommendations were appropriate for the Administration to review and implement.

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Executive Order Summary
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