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Программа сбора данных о шинах

Сотрудничество с общественными группами по удалению незаконно выброшенных шин из общественных мест.

О нас

Программа Tire Roundup — это партнерство между городскими властями, капитанами кварталов и общественными группами. Каждое лето зарегистрированный группы собирают и сбрасывают незаконно выброшенные шины, чтобы заработать средства на проекты по благоустройству окрестностей.

Сбор и правильная утилизация шин помогают:

  • Держите окрестности в чистоте.
  • Удалите неприглядные и потенциально опасные материалы.
  • Защитите здоровье населения и окружающую среду.

Чтобы принять участие в этой программе, капитаны блоков и общественные группы должны зарегистрироваться в Комитете по делам красивее Филадельфии (PMBC).

PMBC возмещает зарегистрированным группам 50 центов за каждую незаконно выброшенную шину, которую они привезут на место высадки. Лимит сдачи шин составляет 1000 шин на группу.


проспект У. Гленвуда, 2601
Филадельфия, Пенсильвания 19121
Электронная почта tireroundup@phila.gov


The Tire Round-up Program is open to community groups, such as:

  • PMBC-organized block clubs
  • Recycling groups
  • Park Friends groups
  • Organized community/civic groups
  • Neighborhood advisory committees
  • Town Watch organizations
  • Other organized groups recognized by the Department of Streets

We limit registration to the first 150 eligible community groups each year.

Individuals who want to dispose of tires can drop them off at a sanitation convenience center. You can drop off four tires per visit. If you see illegally discarded tires, you can report illegal dumping.

How to register

Identify a Tire Round-up coordinator within your group.
Call PMBC at (215) 685-3981 to request an agreement form.
Complete the agreement form.

Fill out and email the form to tireroundup@phila.gov to register. You must include proof of your group’s federal tax ID number and designation as a 501(c)(3) as part of registration.

PMBC will notify you if you can participate.

PMBC will verify your eligibility, give you an identification number, and provide a list of drop-off locations and hours of operation.

How the program works


  • PMBC will only reimburse community groups that registered in advance.
  • PMBC will only reimburse your group for illegally discarded tires. Donated tires from other sources are not allowed. Business owners must pay a fee for private disposal. We will disqualify your group from the program if you drop off tires from locations like:
    • Auto repair shops.
    • Car dealers.
    • Mechanic shops.
    • Private storage lots.
  • You must bring illegally discarded tires to an official drop-off site on the stated collection dates.
  • You must provide your registered identification number to drop off tires. If you forget your ID number, we will take as much identifying information as possible at the site. We cannot guarantee reimbursement unless we can find and verify the ID number.


At the end of each summer’s Tire Round-up Program, the Department of Streets will reconcile all accounts. Once this happens, each participant will be issued a check based on the number of eligible tires dropped off under its group’s identification number.

We limit total reimbursement for any one group to not more than $500 each year.


2023 tire drop-off dates and locations

All event dates are Saturdays. Sites are open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the date specified.
Date Drop-off location
July 22, 2023 48th St. and Parkside Ave.

51st St. and Grays Ave.

July 29, 2023 25th St. and Washington Ave.

Front St. and Washington Ave.

August 5, 2023 Ramona St. between G & H Sts.

2601 W. Glenwood Ave.

August 12, 2023 18th St. and Windrim Ave.

21st St. and Godfrey Ave.

August 19, 2023 Delaware Ave. and Wheatsheaf Ln.

10th St. and Courtland St.

August 26, 2023 State Rd. and Ashburner St.

Pennway St. and St. Vincent St.