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City of Philadelphia


Stormwater Management

In an urban environment such as Philadelphia, rain falls on the ground, "runs off" and flows into the sewer system. This water is referred to as stormwater or stormwater runoff.

Residential Stormwater Billing

The cost of treating stormwater runoff is included in the monthly water bill. Residential customers pay a standard amount based on the average surface area of impervious cover on residential properties and the average square footage throughout the city.

Non-Residential Stormwater Billing

For commercial customers, the cost to manage stormwater is based on the specific square footage of impervious area covering the property and the total square footage of the property.

Stormwater Grants

Stormwater grants provide financial assistant to non-residential property owners who desire to build green stormwater infrastructure to manage private property runoff.


The Philadelphia Water Department recognizes and understands the significant challenges and heartaches long-time flooding problems cause to home and business owners. Addressing flooding issues is a continued priority for PWD.

Stormwater Pioneers

The Stormwater Pioneers program recognizes the best in stormwater management on private property.

Stormwater Contacts

Stormwater Billing

PWD Plan Review

The Philadelphia Water Department must review plans for development and redevelopment to ensure compliance with City of Philadelphia stormwater regulations. Review of stormwater management plans is authorized by section 14-704 of the Philadelphia Code.

How Rates Are Calculated

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