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City of Philadelphia

Green City, Clean Waters

Green City, Clean Waters is Philadelphia’s 25-year plan to transform the health of the City’s creeks and rivers primarily through a land-based approach. By implementing green stormwater infrastructure projects such as rain gardens and stormwater planters, the City can reduce water pollution impacts while improving our essential natural resources and making our neighborhoods more beautiful.
Key Concepts and Frequently Asked Questions
To learn more about Green City, Clean Waters, we recommend you start with the Summary Report. To help you understand the terminology and issues behind Green City, Clean Waters (technically known as the CSO Long Term Control Plan Update), here are some key concepts that inform our planning and solutions:
Visit the Philadelphia Water Department Long Term Control Plan regulatory reporting page for more information on LTCPU documents and deliverables.
Stormwater Management Tools
How do we keep stormwater from causing sewer overflows into our rivers and streams? PWD's green stormwater infrastructure tools evaporate some of the runoff into the ground, evaporate a portion of it into the air, and in some cases slowly release the water into the sewer system.