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North Portal

William Penn Keystone
Architecture: Capital
William Penn Prayer
Music: Capital
Engineering: Capital
Nautical: Capital
Science: Capital
Education: Relief
Voting Ballot Relief
Bull: Keystone
Child: Capital
Native American: Capital
European: Capital
Bore: Keystone
Elephant: Keystone
Africa: Capital
Asia: Capital
Tiger: Keystone
North Portal
The North Central Portal, the north entrance, is the ceremonial entrance into City Hall. As you enter you walk under the archway with the keystone of William Penn, which represents the early government of Philadelphia. This is one of the four portals that lead into the courtyard and is the North Broad Street passageway that intersects with Market Street in the center of the courtyard. Each portal has a different keystone that relates to the function of that side of the building. This is the finest and most ornate entrance into City Hall.

The elegant entranceway originally led to the chambers of the legislative bodies of the Select and Common Councils. Toward the balcony you can see in high relief on either side of the arched opening, images that depict Education and Voting or Suffrage. At the same level along the sides of the foyer are additional relief sculptures that show many of the fundamental occupations and interests of the citizens of region. Some of the themes are Commerce, Navigation, Architecture, Mechanics, Construction, Poetry, Dance, Music, and Horticulture. Several of these themes are symbolically represented in the bronze capitals found on the top of the highly polished granite columns.

walls almost 20 feet thick, and highly polished granite columns 3 feet in diameter. The Crypt of the Tower is directly beneath the massive tower. Calder's theme in the crypt is The World. It is a theme repeated often throughout the building. Here it is represented in the column capitals and keystones at arches located at each compass point.

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