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Citing / Acknowledgements

We would like to thank and acknowledge the following people that have most willingly offered their time, knowledge and enthusiasm in this effort of showcasing one of Philadelphia's Historic attractions.

The City Controller's Office
The City Controller's Office was a great resource for information on the History of City Hall, more so for Pre-City Hall History and the Future of City Hall which is presented under the History section on this website.

The City Photography Unit
We would like to acknowledge the exceptional photography taken by the City of Philadelphia Photography Department. Their work has contributed to capturing the great sculptures, architectural detail, and interior spaces that can be viewed in the virtual tour.

Greta Greenberger
Mrs. Greenberger has been our point of contact for access to information and access to various places within City Hall. We especially would like to acknowledge her for her in-depth knowledge that has been used on this website especially for the Interiors including the Mayor's Reception Room, Conversation Hall, Caucus Room, City Council Chambers, Law Library, Supreme Courtroom, Judges Room, and the exteriors including the Tower, City Hall's Courtyard, the North Portal and finally a look into the History of City Hall.

The book " the Splendors of Philadelphia's City Hall- An Artist's View" written by Greta Greenberger describes City Hall amidst paintings by Noel G. Miles AWS and was a very useful resource in gathering information.

Greta Greenberger is the Tour Guide Director for Philadelphia's City Hall Tours. She conducts free tours for visitors and school groups through the week.

Richard Tyler
As the Historic Preservation Officer of the Philadelphia Historical Commission, Mr. Tyler provided us with rare information and text presented here. His experience and knowledge on the subject is greatly admired and acknowledged, specifically for his contribution to the History of City Hall, information on the Ground plan and the Courtyard.

The Historic Structure Report Volumes 1 and 2, created by the Vitetta Group in association with Kelly/Maiello with John Milner Architects, Inc. were also used as resources while gathering information on City Hall. They were offered to us by the Philadelphia Historical Commission.

Eric Sydow
Mr. Sydow, as The Construction Engineer for City Hall has used his extensive knowledge and love for City Hall through a website which has been used as a guide for this project. We would like specifically, to acknowledge him for his contribution on the History of City Hall, the timeline and events related to City hall's construction over the years, details of the Statues and structures on the four facades of City Hall and also details on the four portals.