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City of Philadelphia

Community Resources

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has dozens of programs to keep you safe and to support your neighborhood. The following is a list of some of our most important programs. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can email at or call us at 215-686-8000.

Auto Auctions

The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office holds public auctions for real estate, vehicles and miscellaneous items that have been acquired through forfeiture proceedings.

Auction proceeds assist with our commitment to making Philadelphia's communities safer through anti-drug initiatives. The District Attorney's Office complies with the mandate of the Controlled Substance Forfeiture Act (42 Pa. C.S.A. sec. 6801) requiring that drug forfeiture funds be used for the enforcement of the Drug Act.

The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office offers seized and forfeited vehicles for sale at public auctions. Auctions are held at two locations in the Philadelphia area.

Capital Auto Auction
5135 Bleigh Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19136
(215) 332-2515
Every Wednesday 5:00 p.m.

Carriage Trade Public Auto Auction
1200 Ridge Pike
Conshohocken, PA 19428
(215) CAR-SALE
Auctions held 4 times a year
Exact dates to be announced

For directions or more information regarding the auto auctions please refer to each company's website at and

Police District Advisory Council

The Police District Advisory Council or "PDAC" as it is known, was formed in the early 1990's to create a liason between the Police Department and the community. Each PDAC holds monthly meetings to discuss issues affecting the quality of life within its district. Each PDAC elects officers who represent the PDAC at periodic meetings with the Police Commissioner and members of the Police Command Staff.

Information on police district locations and district map boundaries can be found on the Philadelphia Police Department Website at

Public Nuisance Task Force

The Public Nuisance Task Force (PNTF) combats drug and alcohol-related crimes in Philadelphia by prosecuting nuisance abatement and forfeiture actions. PNTF works with citizens, the police, community groups, and other government agencies to close drug houses, nuisance bars and houses of prostitution, and to remove the profits of drug crimes.
PNTF consists of prosecutors assigned to different geographic regions of the City. Callers may choose to remain anonymous. Once they receive a complaint, the specially assigned Assistant District Attorney will usually send an official letter of warning to the owner of the residence or business in question to advise them of potential violations of the Controlled Substances Act, the Liquor Code, or other laws or ordinances that may have occurred on the property.
If the suggested steps are not taken, PNTF may seek to abate the nuisance through legal measures, negotiation, and/or referrer the issue to other City law enforcement or administrative agency.
Prosecutors assigned to specific regions update community groups or citizens complaining of nuisance activity on the progress of specific cases and to gather more information to assist in their investigations. Some nuisances cannot be properly addressed by PNTF. These include neighborhood disputes, abandoned vehicles, abandoned houses, and vacant lots.  In such cases, PNTF attorney will refer any complaints to the appropriate City agency – such as the Department of Licenses & Inspections, the Health Department, or the Human Relations Commission for further assistance.
Any property that is forfeited pursuant to an order of the Philadelphia Court of Common Please is typically sold at auction to the public with the goal of improving the quality of life in the community. For a listing of properties that will be included in the next auction, please refer to our auctions page.To report a drug house, a nuisance property, or for more information, please call PNTF’s 24-hour hotline at 215-686-5858. Callers may choose to remain anonymous.
To report a drug house, a nuisance property, or for more information, please call PNTF’s 24-hour hotline at 215-686-5858. Callers may choose to remain anonymous.
The Chief of the Public Nuisance Task Force is Andrew Jenemann, 215-686-5819,