Department of Records - City of Philadelphia

Forms Catalog Spreadsheets

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Agencies Not Listed- City Wide

Agencies Not Listed

Board of Revision of Taxes - City Wide

Board of Revision of Taxes

City Controller - City Wide

City Controller

City Representative - City Wide

City Representative

City Treasurer - City Wide

City Treasurer

Clerk of Quarter Sessions Court - City Wide

Clerk of Quarter Sessions Court

Commission on Human Relations - City Wide

Commission on Human Relations

District Attorney - City Wide

District Attorney

Fair Housing Commission - City Wide

Fair Housing Commission

Fairmount Park Commission - City Wide

Fairmount Park Commission

Finance Department - City Wide

Finance Department

Fire Department  - City Wide

Fire Department

Health Department  - City Wide

Health Department

Human Services - City Wide

Human Services

Law Department  - City Wide

Law Department

Licenses & Inspections - City Wide

Licenses & Inspections

Managing Director - City Wide

Managing Director

Mayors Office  - City Wide

Mayors Office

Office of Information Management - City Wide

Office of Information Management

Pensions and Retirement  - City Wide

Pensions and Retirement

Personnel Department - City Wide

Personnel Department

Philadelphia City Planning Commission  - City Wide

Philadelphia City Planning Commission

Philadelphia Parking Authority - City Wide

Philadelphia Parking Authority

Police Department  - City Wide

Police Department

Procurement Department - City Wide

Procurement Department

Public Property - City Wide

Public Property

Records Department - City Wide

Records Department

Recreation Department - City Wide

Recreation Department

Register of Wills - City Wide

Register of Wills

Registration Div & City Commissioners  - City Wide

Registration Div & City Commissioners

Revenue Department - City Wide

Revenue Department

Sheriff Department - City Wide

Sheriff Department

Streets Department - City Wide

Streets Department

Water Department - City Wide

Water Department

Water Revenue  - City Wide

Water Revenue

Youth Study Center  - City Wide

Youth Study Center