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As the cost of water utility services rise steadily across the country, PWD works hard to deliver safe, clean drinking water to you in a cost-effective manner. Find out what we are doing to keep our rates the lowest in the region while maintaining award winning service.

What are the current rates and charges? View the 2014 rate increase notice.

Your bill consists of three parts:

  • a usage charge for treatment and delivery of drinking water, the collection and treatment of sewage and related environmental services;
  • a service charge for costs associated with metering, billing and collection operations;
  • a stormwater charge for the costs of collection and treatment of all rain water in the City that drains to our waterways or to our sewer collection system.

PWD has developed a fact sheet to show how rates are calculated for our range of customers.

What are we doing to keep rates low?

PWD has undertaken several measures to reduce operational expenses, including: 

  • Increasing the automation and convenience of our metering and billing systems
  • Reducing energy costs by generating electricity at our resource recovery plants
  • Finding cost-effective ways to meet federal and state regulatory requirements that also improve Philadelphia’s waterways and revitalize the city
  • Partnering with other City agencies to improve efficiency

Why do rates increase?
Like all water, wastewater and stormwater utilities, PWD is challenged by rising costs in a number of areas, including:

  • Increasing commodity costs, including energy and chemicals;
  • Requirements for pension funding and fringe benefit costs;
  • Implementation of new environmental initiatives; and
  • Expansion of infrastructure renewal and replacement

In addition, PWD continues to expand customer assistance programs.

Rate Setting Process

  • How were my current rates set?
  • How is the rate- setting process changing?

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