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City of Philadelphia

Customer Assistance Programs

Senior Citizen Discount
A 25 percent discount is provided for senior citizens 65 years of age or older, with a total household income of <=$31,500/year. Administered by the Water Revenue Bureau

Water Revenue Assistance Program (WRAP)
Grants of up to $500 on water bills are available to prevent shutoff for low-income customers (at or below) 250 percent of poverty level). Assists customers in obtaining federal energy assistance. Administered by the Water Revenue Bureau.

Utility Emergency Services Fund (UESF)
Grant program to prevent shutoff or restore water service for low-income customers (at or below 175 percent of poverty level). Provides up to $1000 every other year ($500 UESF grant plus $500 matching Water Department credit). The financial assistance must result in removing any arrearage. Administered by the nonprofit UESF with application help available from the Water Revenue Bureau.

Homeowners Emergency Loan Program (HELP)
No–interest repair loan program for homeowners in imminent danger of shutoff because of a violation notice. To apply for a loan or to find out more about HELP call (215) 685-4901. Administered by the Water Department. View our HELP fact sheet.

Basement Protection Program (BBP)
Established to alleviate flooding condition in basements due to heavy rainstorms. Visit the BPP page for more information. Administered by the Water Department.

Payment Agreements
If you are having difficulty paying your taxes or water bills on time or in full, we will work with you to arrange a payment agreement. When you enter into a payment agreement, you must pay your current monthly water and sewer bills in full and on time, and make your agreed upon monthly payments. Contact the Water Revenue Bureau for more information.

Conservation Assistance Program
Provides water conservation devices and education to low-income customers (at or below 150 percent of poverty level), yielding average water usage savings of more than 25 percent for participants. Contact Customer Information: (215) 685-6099. Administered by the Energy Coordinating Agency and Neighborhood Energy Centers under a Water Department grant.

Cross Connection Abatement Program
Repair program mandated by the State to correctly replace sanitary drainage lines that are connected to the storm sewer. If a cross-connection is identified by the PWD Cross-Connection inspection program, the Philadelphia Water Department will provide an information package to the homeowner referring him or her to the Cross-Connection Repair Program (CCRP) for repairs. 

Charitable Organization Discount
A 25 percent discount is provided for charities, churches, nonprofit hospitals, schools, and universities. Contact the Water Department @ 215-685-9651 for more information. Administered by the Water Department and Water Revenue Bureau.

Rain Barrel Program
The Philadelphia Water Department provides rain barrels to residents of Philadelphia’s watersheds free of charge, to promote the reduction of stormwater flows to our sewer system and creeks. Visit the Rain Barrel page for more information.

Rain Check Program
Rain Check is a Philadelphia Water Department program that helps residents manage stormwater and beautify their homes by providing stormwater tools at a reduced cost. Visit the Rain Check page for more information

Water Use and Conservation

The average Philadelphia household uses about 154 gallons of water each day. You can save at least a third of that, or about $12 on every water bill, by repairing leaks and by changing some wasteful habits. Here’s more information on water use and what you can do to conserve. 

Basement Protection Program

The Basement Protection Program (BPP) is an important first step in our effort to protect our customers’ properties from sewage backups during intense rain storms.

The BPP may result in the installation of a backwater valve, free of charge to the property owner. The installation may be on your basement plumbing fixtures or on your main house drain, depending on the optimal installation at your particular property. Download a summary and application for the Basement Protection Program.