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Grand Jury
Investigation of Gun Trafficking and Theft by City Workers
The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office announced that arrest warrants have been issued for nine individuals who used their city jobs as cover to traffic in guns and other items they stole from homes in Northeast Philadelphia.

A Grand Jury found that a crew of city employees assigned to the Community Life Improvement Program (CLIP) took a program designed to improve a city neighborhood by abating code violations, and turned it into a criminal enterprise. Supervisors employed by the Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I) and their crew entered houses illegally, without homeowners' permission or court orders. The supervisors then not only allowed, but abetted and joined in, the workers' thefts of valuables. The city employees stole expensive televisions, sterling silver, whole dining room furniture sets, money, and in some cases, large gun collections.

Guns stolen by the city workers were then sold illegally on the streets of Philadelphia and ended up in the hands of criminals. Police have recovered only a handful of the dozens of guns stolen. One was confiscated from a murder suspect.

Arrest warrants have been issued charging these individuals with numerous counts of theft, criminal conspiracy, burglary, official oppression, corrupt organization, perjury, and illegal transfer of firearms.

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