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Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition – ARD FAQ’s

What is Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition – ARD?
Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition is most commonly referred to as ARD. These types of cases involve relatively minor offenses and defendants who are first time offenders. Such cases will only be placed in the ARD program after a careful review by the District Attorney’s Office. Defendants placed in the ARD program must agree to a probationary sentence with conditions imposed such as restitution to the victim, rehabilitative classes and/or community service. If the defendant completes the sentence, any record of the arrest may be expunged. If the defendant fails to complete the sentence, the case will go to trial. In minor assault type cases the victim must agree to ARD.

Are you are a defense attorney seeking information about your client's eligibility for ARD?
Please send an e-mail to Messages must include the your client's name, case number and next listing date. Also, "ARD Eligibility" must be the subject line of your message.

Please note the Rules of Professional Conduct prohibits the District Attorney's Office from having direct contact with defendants listed on a case. The Office will only reply to correspondence sent on behalf of a client from a defense attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition – ARD FAQ’s


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