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Main Office
Three South Penn Square
Corner of Juniper and South Penn Square
Philadelphia, PA 19107-3499
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Are you are a defense attorney seeking contact with one of the Bureaus in the Trial Division?
Please send an e-mail to the appropriate address below. Messages must include the your client's name, case number and next listing date. Also, the subject line of your e-mail must include one of three categories:

1. Discovery Request
2. Continuance Request
3. Offer Request

If your client's case is next listed in a Smart Room for a Pre-trial Conference and you have a question regarding your client's offer, please contact the Assistant District Attorney who made the offer. You can find his/her information on your Smart Offer sheet.

Please note the Rules of Professional Conduct prohibits the District Attorney's Office from having direct contact with defendants listed on a case. The Office will only reply to correspondence sent on behalf of a client from a defense attorney.

Private Criminal Complaint
1425 Arch Street, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107-3623
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The Juanita Kidd Stout Center for Criminal Justice
1301 Filbert Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
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Philadelphia Family Court
1501 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
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Press Inquiries
Cameron Kline
Communications Director/Spokesperson
Philadelphia District Attorney's Office
3 South Penn Square
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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