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Investigations Division
Investigates complaints that are made directly to the District Attorney's Office and initiates inquiries into areas that raise a suspicion of criminality. These inquiries may involve the use of an investigating grand jury. The scope of the work done by the Division is wide-ranging and includes white-collar crime, consumer fraud, welfare fraud, unemployment compensation fraud, official corruption and insurance fraud.
Probes municipal corruption and police misconduct.
The Insurance Fraud Unit is staffed by prosecutors, detectives and support staff who investigate and prosecute insurance fraud found in, among other areas, the following: automobile insurance, property/homeowner's insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, health insurance, life insurance, medical services provider practices, rate evasion/premium fraud, insurance agent/broker practices, appraiser/public adjuster practices and other professional service practices.
Economic Crime prosecutors and detectives handle complex cases such as identity theft, bank fraud, counterfeit check schemes, embezzlement, forgeries, and environmental crimes. This unit also works on cases of harassment, threats, intrusions and crimes involving computers. Government Fraud is responsible for investigating and prosecuting cases of fraudulent schemes involving welfare and unemployment payments.
The Gun Violence Task Force is a joint effort by the District Attorney's Office and the Office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General that aggressively investigates and prosecutes the sources of illegal firearms that are used in crimes throughout Philadelphia. The task force is comprised of veteran investigators and prosecutors who are spread throughout the city in the various detective divisions, and who work closely with the Philadelphia Police Department.