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City of Philadelphia

Millennial Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Philadelphia Millennial Advisory Committee (MAC) is to:

1. Advise the City on policies, programs, and actions affecting Millennials
2. Help develop initiatives focused on attracting and keeping Millennial residents 
3. Connect this generation to engagement opportunities with the larger community 
4. Create a mentorship model to help engage those new or returning to citizenship

MAC meets on the first Wednesday of each month. Public meetings are held every other month, with all meetings taking place in different neighborhoods throughout the city. Private meetings are closed to the MAC Policy Subcommittees.

MAC is comprised of twenty-one (21) members aged 23-34, which includes four (4) executive chairs. Each member joins a Policy Subcommittee, which researches and makes recommendations on city policy addressing the following topics:

1. Financial Future = financial issues of the Millennial generation 
2. Social Justice = inter sectional social justice issues of the Millennial generation
3. Community and Neighborhood Development = community and environmental issues of the Millennial generation

The MAC aims to submit policy recommendations to the Mayor at the end of the year. While its members gather information from city and organizational resources, the MAC welcomes and encourages communication and feedback from you! Please reach out by following the MAC's social media, and messaging and commenting directly.

Facebook & Instagram: @PHLMillennial