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City of Philadelphia

Letters2Leaders Campaign

This is a nonpartisan attempt to enhance the communication between youth and our government. The Commission encourages and challenges all young voices to take charge of their civil right and duty to highlight the key issues and topics we want our elected officials and leaders to address!

Contact the White House
For information on how to send letters to the White House go to:

Contact Your Elected Officials
To find out who you're elected officials are and how to contact them go to:

Help Us Serve You!
As Youth Commissioners, our role is to represent your voice!  Help us better serve you by also submitting your letter to us in the space below.  We would love to read your ideas, thoughts and concerns on topics that impact your life!

Spread the Word!
Post a picture of you mailing out your letters and use #letters2leaders.  Let's engage as many young people to write to our federal, state and local leaders!