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City of Philadelphia



Give a voice to Philadelphia’s youth in advising key leadership in the city about policies, programs and actions that affect youth. Through this work, the Commission will be influential in ensuring that decisions that impact young people have been carefully considered and that the youth perspective is incorporated in the process. The Commission will work to bridge the gap between adults and youth, fostering a greater sense of unity, communication and partnership throughout the city.

The Philadelphia Youth Commission was born out of an activism of a few passionate youth.

Realizing the impact youth commissions were making in other urban cities, the youth partnered with Philadelphia Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY) and lobbied City Council to support the creation of the Philadelphia Youth Commission. Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds Brown believed in the PYC’s mission and sponsored legislation that put a Youth Commission Initiative on the 2007 ballot. Determined to ensure the initiative passed, these young people formed the Working Group, a collection of politically active youth from all corners of Philadelphia. Thanks to the hard work of the Working Group, PCCY and Councilwomen Reynolds Brown, the measure passed successfully, garnering 75% of the vote. The Philadelphia Youth Commission began service on January 1, 2008.

The Commission represents Philadelphia’s youth in public hearing and gives testimony that reflects the youth perspective. We work with the City, non-profits, community organizations, and private entities to develop strategies to improve the lives of Philadelphia’s youth. The Commission also advises the Mayor, City Council, Philadelphia Schools, and other key decision makers inside and outside of city government.

Comment on legislation and policies that impact youth
Create public service programs that improve the lives of youth
Monitor and measure the effectiveness of youth programs and policies
Partner with neighborhood youth organizations on shared issues.
Prepare youth for leadership roles.