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City of Philadelphia

Programs for Lead Line Replacement

Meeting Lead Standards

Philadelphia’s water quality continues to meet all State and Federal standards. Philadelphia Water successfully passed the most recent round of water quality testing for lead at customers’ taps. Learn more and see the results of those tests here.
There are programs for customers who wish to remove lead service lines, including a zero-interest loan and free replacement during water main replacement. 
Replacing a Lead Service Line

To address concerns about household lead service lines, the Philadelphia Water Department offers several new programs to assist customers.

Homeowner Emergency Loan Program (HELP)
The Philadelphia Water Department offers a zero-interest loan for customers interested in replacing a lead service line. See our fact sheet for more information about how the Homeowner Emergency Loan Program (HELP) may be used to replace your lead service line.

Private Contractors
Customers can also contact any licensed and insured plumber and request an estimate for replacing lead service lines and other sources of lead in plumbing. Please note that prices vary according to a number of factors, including how far your home’s water meter is from the City water main.

Free Removal During Water Main Replacement
The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) will offer to replace any lead service line from the City's water main all the way to the customer's meter when we are replacing the water main on your block. PWD will notify residents by letter several months before work is scheduled to begin. 

Make Removing Lead Pipes a Part of Creating a Lead-Free Home

Finding and replacing lead plumbing should be considered as a part of removing all lead from your home. This can be expensive, but removing lead permanently is the safest option. The Philadelphia Water Department is committed to helping customers remove lead pipes.

According to the Philadelphia Dept. of Public Health, identifying and addressing the most common sources of lead, including old paint, dust and dirt containing lead will have the biggest impact for homeowners interested in reducing the risk of lead exposure.

Cases of elevated blood lead levels related to water have not been identified by the Philadelphia Dept. of Public Health.

How Can I Get My Water Tested?

Philadelphia Water Department will conduct free lead tests for residential customers. If you believe you have lead plumbing in your home and would like to have someone check your water, call our hotline at 215-685-6300 to schedule an appointment.

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