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City of Philadelphia

Community Outreach

The Philadelphia Water Department uses outreach to provide assistance, create educational opportunities and to raise awareness of PWD projects in our Philadelphia neighborhoods and communities. We do this through partner organizations, community meetings, web resources, and through unique programs to engage our customers on many levels.

Customer Assistance Programs
The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) and the Water Revenue Bureau (WRB) administer many programs that assist customers through grants, loans, and payment plans. Visit our Customer Assistance Programs page for information on these programs.

Construction Notifications
The Philadelphia Water Department provides information and updates on construction projects whenever possible. This is done through letters, community meetings and through our construction notifications page.

Soak It Up Adoption Program
The Soak It Up Adoption Program provides grants to civic organizations to help maintain the beauty and functionality of green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods. Becoming a Soak It Up! Adoptee is one way Philadelphia civic associations can help improve the quality of our waterways and beautify their neighborhoods at the same time.

Environmental Partners 
PWD partners with several environmental organizations that help people participate in transforming the City's streams and parks into valuable assets. Through public outreach initiatives, watershed assessments , and watershed management plans, we communicate our vision of reconnecting the City with its waterways.