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City of Philadelphia


Billing and Accounts

The Water Revenue Bureau (WRB) handles most aspects of the water and sewer billing, including creating bills and collecting payments for Philadelphia Water Department customers. Please visit WRB's site for more information on topics such as:
The Homeowner’s Emergency Loan Program (HELP) is a zero-interest loan for Philadelphia Water Department customers who:
  • received a Notice of Defect (N.O.D.) and need repairs
  • want to replace a water service line made of lead
Contact HELP Loan Staff
To apply for a HELP Loan call (215) 685-4901.

Program Eligibility:

You may apply for a HELP loan if:
  • You are the applicant, and you own the property (it may be tenant occupied)
  • The property is residential, or if mixed-use, it is primarily residential
  • The property does not contain more than four units
  • The property received a Notice of Defect (N.O.D.) for a repair required on the property’s water service pipe or sewer lateral, and/or related components 
    • An N.O.D. is NOT required if you are applying to replace a lead service line.
  • The payment agreements (if applicable) for the property are current
  • The property is served by an operable water meter
  • Applicant is not delinquent on their monthly water bill(s) for more than 2 cycles, for the property with the N.O.D. and other properties owned by the applicant
  • You consent to the placement of a lien on the property for the amount of the total cost of the work. 
  • The property has a confirmed lead service line Confirm the presence of lead by performing a lead test at home, or consulting with a registered plumber, or by notification

What to Expect

How do I apply for the loan?
  • By phone: call (215) 685- 4901
  • By mail: download the pre-application, fill out and return per the instructions on the form
  • Or online: submit the online pre-application
    What happens next?
    • An appointment for an initial inspection will be scheduled with the homeowner 
    • Homeowner will sign HELP documents including the loan agreement and cost estimates
    • Work will be scheduled 
    • Work will be completed

    How will I be billed?
    • Your monthly water bill will include loan details and show recent payments 
    • You will have 60 months to pay off the loan
    • The loan will remain interest free unless the customer defaults on payments
    Contact HELP Loan Staff
    • For questions or to apply for a loan call (215) 685-4901
    • Download the HELP Loan factsheet

Apply for HELP

How do I apply for the HELP Loan?
  • By phone: call (215) 685- 4901
  • Or online: submit the online pre-application
  • Or mail: download the pre-application, fill out and return per the instructions on the form
Please note: completing the application will require speaking with a representative by phone. You will be contacted at the phone number you submitted within 2 business days of receipt of your pre-application.