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City of Philadelphia

Education & Outreach

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Fairmount Water Works

A National Historic Landmark, the Water Works is the region’s premier urban environmental education destination, connecting citizens to the past, present and future of Philadelphia’s urban watershed.

Public Education

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) is a national leader in educating the public about the value of clean water and the need for public stewardship of our regional and local watersheds. See what we have to offer!

Community Resources

Our community outreach efforts provide information to our impacted customers and opportunities to work with the Department through innovative partner programs.

Customer Assistance Programs

The Philadelphia Water Department offers a number of programs to help both residential and non-residential customers.

Historical Collection

Search our historical collection that includes thousands of books, pamphlets, photographs and other material, spanning the 200 year history of water supply and drainage in Philadelphia.

Events & Contests

From annual events and contests to one of a kind activities, PWD is always up to something fun and informative.

PWD Schools

With programs and opportunities for students of all ages, the Philadelphia Water Department is committed to enhancing education in area schools. Browse our resources.