City of Philadelphia: IWU Contacts
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City of Philadelphia

IWU Contacts

PWD - Industrial Waste Unit                                               IWU Baxter Field Office
1101 Market Street, 6th Floor                                             9001 State Road
Philadelphia, PA 19107                                                       Philadelphia, PA 19136
Phone: 215-685-6236                                                        Fax: 215-685-8008
Fax: 215-685-6232

Unit Manager

Nicole Charlton, Chief Engineer

Engineer Support Group


Jennifer L. Moore, Assistant Manager, Environmental Engineer

Vasantha Palakurti, Environmental Engineer

Dawn Mason - Engineering Specialist

Richard E. Vinson Jr, Clerk III

Field Services/Permit Administration Group


Kim Veres, Supervisor

Lonnie Goldiner, Supervisor

Walter Milton, Supervisor

Carrie Keeley, Technician

Evan Huzinec, Technician

Henry Schaffer, Technician

John Hickey, Technician

Leslie LaGredelle, Technician

Tridung Tran, Technician

Lindsey Adams, Industrial Waste Technician

Emmanuel Anumudu, Industrial Waste Technician

Mauro Felipe, Industrial Waste Technician

Anthony Marianni, Industrial Waste Technician