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West Portal

nature relief
sputnik light
man keystone
demon keystone
nature panel relief
lions head sculpture
West Portal
Smallest and least ornate of the portal entrances, the West Portal was used for the passage of horse drawn prisoner vans. The vans transported accused criminals to a cordoned off area known as the prisoner's yard in the southwest corner of the courtyard. Walking in a direction opposite that traveled by the vans, you first pass through a single story chamber, then a double height chamber to the outside, an area now known as Dilworth Plaza. Of course at the end of the 19th century, Dilworth Plaza did not exist, and as you turn to look at the West Portal you see The Prisoner's Entrance as it first appeared to the accused on their way to trial. The allegorical theme here is Administration of Justice, and we see it reflected first in the keystone over the entrance that symbolizes Sympathy.

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