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Supreme Court

leather door
William Penn Bronze Plaque
State Seal
Floor Tiles
Bronze Figures
woodwork on judge's chair
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Independence Hall Mural
Judge's Chambers
mosaic fireplace
Supreme Court
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court was one of the first branches of government to occupy the new City Hall. In 1877, the construction of the second floor, south side had progressed to the point that the court could occupy temporary offices.

By 1889, the suite of rooms on the fourth and fifth floors assigned to the Supreme Court was nearing completion. The new rooms were opened on January 5, 1891 with great praise and admiration. Some questioned whether the seven elected justices would want to continue holding sessions in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh after experiencing these rooms.

The Supreme Court continues to circuit around the state, as does the Superior Court. Since they hold sessions in the three major cities at different times, it was decided that they could share the grand rooms in each building.

The main rooms for Philadelphia's court sessions were originally designed to be quite ornate. Even though John McArthur died before the rooms where completed, Room 454 closely resembles McArthur's plans.

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