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Mayor's Reception Room 360 Panoramic

Portrait Wall
Mahogany Fireplace
Doorway: Greek
Doorway: Greek
Mayor's Reception Room
The name Mayor's Reception Room refers to use of the room and the surrounding portraits of past mayors.

On January 4, 1897, Mayor Charles Warwick was the first mayor to occupy this palatial room. Newspapers of the time wrote of the Mayor’s rooms as 'an elegant apartment fit to receive any foreign potentate who may in the future visit this city.' Another wrote, ‘the grandest and most completely appointed suite of rooms occupied by any municipal Executive in the Union,' predicting that, ‘visitors from this and other countries will be almost transfixed by their splendor.’

The room is 'Grecian' in design as characterized by the two Ionic columns that are faux-finished to look like Numidian or Red Egyptian marble. The columns, topped by a white and gold pediment, surround a mahogany door that used to lead to the mayor’s private secretary, currently occupied by the Chief of Staff. Above the door carved in wood is the Seal of the City.

The room is frequently used for different types of meetings and events. The Mayor uses it for press conferences, honorary recognitions, award ceremonies, and the welcoming of dignitaries, as well as meetings with city employees, and the general public. Other groups such as community organizations and different departments in the city government are also welcome to hold functions. In order to raise money for the beautification of this room and Conversation Hall, both can be rented for profit and non-profit events (Greenberger).

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