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Interior Map

Caucus Room City Council Chambers Supreme Court Room Interior Gallery Law Library Mayor's Reception Room Conversation Hall interior map
Interior Map
With close to 700 rooms, City Hall is still the largest municipal building in North America and maybe the world. The building houses three branches of government, the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch’s Civil Courts. Many people come to see City Hall because of its history and architectural significance, but it is still a fully functioning municipal building. City Hall’s interior is currently being worked with. While the hallways and many rooms have been altered with dropped ceilings and new lighting, as well as many rooms having their original walls covered with wood paneling or sheet rock, a number of the building’s most important rooms have been preserved or restored.

Many of the rooms are functional especially for Council hearings, meetings, events, press conferences, award ceremonies etc. Some of the noteworthy rooms are the Mayor’s Reception room which refers to the use of the room and the surrounding portraits of past mayors, City Council Caucus room used once-a-week for a meeting with Council members and the City Council Chambers which is open to the public for all meetings. The links on the left will provide you with a detailed description of some of the prominent rooms within City Hall.

Some of the other interesting facts include the presence of the Scale of Justice on most doorknobs within City Hall. At regular intervals you will also find the Seal of the State in the form of a mosaic on the floor, on the ceiling or above the entrance of some rooms. Philadelphia City Hall also showcases Art created by local residents at various locations within the building. These pieces of work can be seen on walls or in glass cases with the name of the artist and the academic institution they belong too.

City Hall also houses the Marriage License Office where every couple wishing to get married will visit at some point. It is appropriately decorated with a few hearts hanging over some cubicles.

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