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East Portal

wooden doorway
architecture relief
ram keystone
art relief
female entrance corbel
eagle relief
moose keystone
ben franklin keystone
male entrance corbel
builders relief
science relief
East Portal
The Executive Entrance, or East Portal, is second in grandeur only to the Ceremonial North entrance. Entering through the arch into the main chamber, we see two grand stairways on either side leading up to the second floor executive wing. Monolithic sandstone columns atop granite pedestals, with marble inlay panels, soar up to support a coffered, cast iron ceiling three stories above. Beyond the main chamber is a transverse section with north and south entrances to the first floor. A single story chamber then opens into the courtyard and houses the entrance to the tour office. The theme here is Enlightened Government and the sculptures represent activities local to Philadelphia.

This portal has a brighter and cleaner look to itself. This entrance was fortunate enough to be designated for a half-million dollar sample restoration project in 1993. In addition to painting, relighting, and several masonry repairs, graffiti, bird guano, and 100+ years of grime were removed by contractors under the supervision of historic conservators and the City. Although it was only a small sample of the cost and work involved to restore this grand monument, the project was a success and a great many Philadelphians were appreciative.

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