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Report a paid sick leave violation

The City of Philadelphia has enacted the “Promoting Healthy Families and Workplaces” law, which provides that certain employees are entitled to paid and unpaid leave, all under certain terms and conditions.

Businesses in Philadelphia are required by law to notify their employees that they are entitled to sick time. They also must provide sick leave for their employees.

If an employer refuses to provide earned sick time or retaliates against employees for utilizing sick time, the employee can make a formal complaint

Email your completed and signed form—with supporting documents also attached—to the Mayor’s Office of Labor’s Office of Benefits and Wage Compliance at


Employers with 10 or more employees are required to provide paid sick leave. Employers with nine or fewer employees are also required to provide sick leave, but it can be unpaid.

Employees are eligible to earn one hour of sick time for every 40 hours they work, with a maximum of 40 sick time hours earned in a calendar year.


Alleged violations of the law should be reported to the Mayor’s Office of Labor’s Office of Benefits and Wage Compliance by submitting the Paid Sick Leave Complaint Form.

Forms can be emailed to: or mailed to:

Office of Benefits and Wage Compliance
1515 Arch Street, 11th Fl.
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Work Phone: